One Piece Odyssey Is The RPG You Must Play In 2023 And You’re Not Paying Attention To It

One Piece Odyssey It has been announced for a few months now and at first it did so with what seems to me to be a tremendously important change: the franchise jumps to the concept of the RPG. Indeed, after attempts like ‘World Seeker‘ that, the truth, did not end up going well, I have to say that it seems to me a change of scenery that can do wonders for the IP in video games. But it turns out that there are more little things that make this one that I think may be one of the covered ones of 2023.

One Piece Odyssey, a bet with the potential to surprise in video games

Therefore, today I want to comment a series of details about One Piece Odyssey that they have already officially confirmed and that make it a video game that deserves much more attention than it seems to have grabbed for now:

  • To begin with, the topic of turn-based fighting. It is always curious to see when a franchise, such as Yakuza, takes a step ‘back’ and abandons the action to enter a turn-based combat, curious because the queen of turns as Final Fantasy was decided to do the opposite. Nevertheless, with One Piece Odyssey I think it’s something that can go VERY well. ✔️
  • Why do I trust the new combat system? because the reality is that turns are something that has been fine-tuned wonderfully in recent years. While the action seems to be always more sought after even if it doesn’t pay off, like in many One Piece games, the RPG is something that has gone from strength to strength. animations, weaknesses and strengths, special techniques, character development… It is something that gives A LOT when it comes to exploring and expanding a title. ❗
The sea of ​​​​interesting shifts are coming
  • Regarding the concept of the story: one assumed that we were going to see only original content, something that on a personal level always puts me off (I see it more as a simple filler), but it seems that it is not going to be quite like that. Why? Because we have already been able to see Vivi and Alabasta, for instance. ❓
  • Indeed, One Piece Odyssey will explore a concept of ‘memories in cubes’ that they will be playable (with somewhat different results than what one has in mind) and that I have already seen a colleague mention that smells like Kingdom Hearts. And the truth, the mere coincidence seems to me the sea of ​​​​interesting. ❓
  • On the other hand, I don’t know about you, but me watching all the trailers I have had the feeling more than once that I was watching a Dragon Quest. Let me explain: many of the fights we will have against monsters, these will guard all kinds of treasures and rewards, there will be maps with small puzzles involving a necessary exploration, each character will have a terrain ability to allow us to continue advancing while enhancing, at the same time, the sensation RPG ‘party’… a lot of flashy elements for a One Piece video game. ❗

That you like One Piece will obviously be something necessary to fully enjoy what One Piece Odyssey proposes, but I think that the title has followed a direction in its development that can make it attractive simply for those who love video game concepts like Dragon Quest or Kingdom Hearts. I think we are with a story that aims to push the concept of fantasy as one of its main selling points and that, unlike previous efforts, will have a much more positive reception.

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