One Piece Odyssey Japanese TV Ad Wants You To Forget Your Worries And Be A Kid Again

One of the featured releases this week and the first month of 2023 is One Piece Odysseythe Bandai Namco JRPG based on the popular anime that will offer a new experience to fans of the adventure starring Luffy. we have already seen game gameplay crowd before its premiere, but the video that we bring you today has nothing to do with that.

As you can see, on these lines you have a Japanese TV commercial for One Piece Odyssey that has drawn attention among fans for how he plays with nostalgia. In it, a young Japanese man comes home tired after work and finds an envelope with the PS5 version of the title and, after starting to play, his serious attitude begins to disappear and his bitterness turns into illusion when he returns to enjoying the adventures of the Straw Hats that lived years ago. In fact, finally she sheds a tear.

“The famous pirate Monkey D. Luffy, better known as Straw Hat Luffy, and his Straw Hat crew sail the seas of the New World in search of new islands and adventures. However, during the voyage, a storm surprises them and they end up shipwrecked. They appear on the shore of a lush tropical island surrounded by violent storms… Separated from his crew, Luffy embarks on a new adventure to find his friends and escape the island,” reads the official description of the game.

Will have demo before launch

One Piece Odyssey has its release date set for pc, ps4, PS5 Y Xbox Series X|S for the next one January 13, 2023, so we will have to wait only a few days to be able to get the hang of it. However, those interested may test it in advance with a trial version that will be available from this January 10 on the same platforms, and will cover the first hour or two of the game.

In 3DJuegos we have already been able to play the title based on the anime in advance, so we recommend that you give the impressions of One Piece Odyssey that our colleague Adrián Suárez has carried out after a few hours at the controls of the new Bandai Namco.