One Piece Odyssey: JRPG, combat, scenario… All the information you need to know

Game News One Piece Odyssey: JRPG, combat, scenario… All the information you need to know

It was “the” announcement not to be missed during the last stream dedicated to the license: One Piece Odyssey, JRPG which will land this year on consoles and PC. So yes, the best-selling manga in the world has already been the subject of quite a few adaptations, but this one seems more ambitious than ever. Here is all the info.


First, the most important info: One Piece Odyssey will arrive in 2022 on PC, PS4, PS5 and Xbox Series X|S. In one communicated, we can learn that “the game will arrive just as the manga is about to celebrate its 25th anniversary”. Obviously, this takes us back to July 22, 1997, when Luffy and his friends published their very first adventure in the Weekly Shōnen Jump magazine. For the moment, we unfortunately do not have more precision. In interview released by publisher Bandai Namco, One Piece Odyssey producer Katsuaki Tsuzuki said he has more info to deliver “later this year.”


One Piece Odyssey is a JRPG, that is to say a Japanese role-playing game. It is therefore not an Action-RPG, with real-time combat. The information was confirmed in a press release: the action phases here will be turn-based. But unfortunately, we do not know more for the moment. When it comes to exploration, the title doesn’t seem to be taking the open-world route either. In an interview, Katsuaki Tsuzuki uses the term “levels” (“stages” according to the English translation) which suggests very distinct areas, even if they will undoubtedly be large enough to install this feeling of adventure. , so important to the producer of the project. In any case, Katsuaki Tsuzuki evokes “dungeons” – of which we can have a small glimpse in the trailer – and “numerous quests”. And it will finally be possible to take control of Luffy but also of Zoro, Nami, Usopp, Sanji, Chopper, Robin, Franky, Brook. It is unknown if these heroes will be exploited in combat or exploration.


Inevitably, by preparing such a project based on the universe of One Piece, difficult to do without the services of the creator himself, Eiichiro Oda. And that’s the case here: the manga’s dad is more than involved in the title. “We wanted to be as close as possible to the basic work” explains Katsuaki Tsuzuki. “We directly integrated the work of Eiichiro Oda into our development process”. The mangaka has thus taken care of the design of new characters and monsters, but also of the story as a whole, according to the game’s trailer. Good news that will allow you to find the writing and the humor so particular of One Piece (the original Japanese voices will be added to the game). Eiichiro Oda even slipped a little message at the start of the One Piece Odyssey trailer, explaining “it felt like watching a movie” by laying his eyes on the JRPG. He concludes : “What an incredible immersion”. It’s rather reassuring to see the creative so enthusiastic.

One Piece Odyssey: JRPG, combat, scenario… All the information you need to know


Despite the manga’s impressive longevity, One Piece Odyssey developers opted for an original story. “During their adventure, the Straw Hat Crew, led by Monkey D. Luffy, is caught in a terrible storm” can we read on the official site of the project. “The companions are stranded on a mysterious and lush island, lost in the heart of the storm, and are separated from each other. The crew embarks on a new epic. On the program: exceptional wildlife, threatening rivals and incongruous encounters with the inhabitants of the island”. In another press release, we can learn that it is Luffy who will have to find his companions. There will also be talk of mysterious ruins and an “unexpected twist”. Of course for now, no more details. At the end of the trailer, however, we can see mysterious men who want to attack the boat of the straw hat crew, and hear an evocative sentence: “This moment in history should never have happened”. Finally, the press release mentions an original hero named “Adio”.


We said it in the introduction: One Piece has already had many video game adaptations, but this one seems more ambitious than the others. “It’s a JRPG giving One Piece an adventure experience like never before” thus affirms Katsuaki Tsuzuki bluntly, from the start of his video interview. “One Piece Odyssey is arguably the first title that has been developed so meticulously over such a long period of time. To do this, we collaborated with a team that knows how to create a full-fledged RPG”. And speaking of the team behind the project: it’s ILCA, which took care of the remake of Pokémon Diamond and Pearl who is in charge. A newly highlighted company that does not benefit from an ironclad CV. Before this remake, his job was to set up the Pokémon Home application. The One Piece Odyssey images clearly speak for themselves, however, and seem to be heading in the right direction. In any case, ILCA has surrounded itself with the right people. In addition to the creator of the manga, we can also mention Motoi Sakuraba on the soundtrack. It is to him that we owe the tracks of Dark Souls or Tales of. The ingredients are there to achieve a quality game.

One Piece Odyssey: JRPG, combat, scenario… All the information you need to knowOne Piece Odyssey: JRPG, combat, scenario… All the information you need to know

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