One Piece Odyssey: PC players left behind, they express their anger

Not very long until the release of One Piece Odysseythe next game from Bandai Namco that features Luffy and the crew of the world famous Japanese anime. This game was highly anticipated by some fans in the community as the next big One Piece game which should take the license to the top when it comes to in-game adaptation.

The demo was put online yesterday, well should have been at least, in fact not everyone was so lucky and the dissatisfaction is sounding pretty damn loud just two days away from its worldwide release.

No One Piece Odyssey demo on PC

PC gamers still represent a very large market share for video games and it is often bad publicity to alienate them. However, it seems that One Piece Odyssey is doing exactly that and Bandai Namco could be biting their fingers.

This new JRPG One Piece is set to release this Friday and features a story created by working directly with oda, the original author of the license and will be available on both console and PC, with the exception of the game demo.

Many players were indeed very surprised on Tuesday when the game’s Steam page did not display the demo promised by the producer absolutely nowhere. The reason is simple: There will be no demo for PC players.

Very pissed off PC gamers

This discovery quickly put the gunpowder fire and some players didn’t hold back. The demo, in addition to not being available on PC, had some worrying points such as the fact of not being able to save until the few hours of gameplay were over, but this is above all the obvious contradiction with the words of the development team. which annoyed gamers to the point of telling them they wouldn’t buy the game.

In his latest video, the One Piece Odyssey producer said he wanted to give everyone an overview of the story, the mechanics and invited players to test the game experience before making their purchase. This abandonment of one of the platforms is therefore necessarily a task and does not help in the promotion of the title of Bandai Namco.