One Piece Odyssey puts all the cards on the table in a definitive gameplay

Seven and a half minutes. That’s how long the new One Piece Odyssey gameplay trailer lasts. A video that puts all the cards on the table and shows how many virtues the game has. City exploration, character changes, the map, the secondary ones, their mini-games, the combat systemthe level up, the rewards for challenges… There is no room for imagination in the video, from which the obvious is detached again: we are facing what is possibly the best game of the brand in a long, long time. Goodbye musous, hello RPG. Goodbye mediocrity?

A dream come true

with clear Reminiscent of Dragon Quest (big words, we know), and unlike the rest of the brand’s adaptations so far, One Piece Odyssey will not be a musou, but a JRPG of all life. In it we will explore Waford Island as we please (and apparently, several more kingdoms), discovering new allies (original characters such as Lim and Adio) and fighting against new enemies and dangers (such as leviathans and penguins) that, as we said , have been designed by Eiichiro Oda himself.

odyssey bears in development more than five years and it will be full of details that will delight One Piece fans. In fights, for example, Sanji won’t be able to fight female charactersand when exploring the island that will act as a map, to put another, we can do different things depending on what mugiwara we are driving (cutting doors in the case of Zoro, entering small tunnels with Chopper, or using Luffy’s arms as a hook and vine if we opt for it).

Developed by ILCA, the creators of the Pokémon Pearl and Diamond remakesOne Piece Odyssey will arrive as we said on January 13, 2023and it will do so for PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One and Xbox Series X|S.

One Piece Odyssey