One Piece Odyssey reveals its gameplay in video

Bandai Namco offers us a real dive into the kingdom of Alabasta through the latest video of its upcoming game.

Nostalgia alert for manga fans One Piece : the new game from Bandai Namco and the ILCA studio takes us back to the kingdom of the sands, to the origins of Eiichiro Oda’s cult series. Combining phases of exploration and pure RPG, One Piece Odyssey offers to embody in turn different members of Luffy’s crew, playing on the skills specific to each. Including during the phases of discovery of the world of memories, where Luffy’s extending arms will allow him, for example, to access high places.

False airs of DragonQuest

The cocktail of cel-shading, exploration and adventure will certainly remind DragonQuest Japanese RPG fans. Nothing surprising in that since the ILCA studio had participated in the development of Dragon Quest XI. Players will also be able to move away from the plot of the main scenario, freely adapted from the original manga, to participate in bounty hunter operations to replenish the crew’s coffers, or side quests unlocked by conversing with the many characters. secondaries encountered in the world of Alabasta. Each member of the Straw Hat will be entitled to their own dedicated missions, so as to encourage the player to change characters regularly.

©Bandai Namco

Passion fruit

The battle system of One Piece Odyssey builds on the very foundations of turn-based JRPGs. Each hero has skills and weak points (depending on his Devil Fruit) with which he will have to deal as best he can, depending on the opponents encountered. According to the mechanics of the genre, as the blows land, each character will access unique special attacks. Obviously, complementarity and team spirit will be at the heart of the gameplay, as in the manga or the anime. We will have to wait until January 13, 2023 to discover One Piece Odyssey on PC, Xbox Series and PlayStation 4 and 5, but the title seems set to finally offer an experience at the height of the manga.