One Piece Odyssey Review

One of the mass phenomena in terms of manga and/or anime is the long-running One Piece series, which has been published in Shonen Jump magazine for 26 years. Obviously, such a popular series was not going to miss making an appearance in video games. These pirates have been sailing in different waters or genres, for example: One Piece: World Seeker he took us to explore his world in a sandbox, OP: Pirate Warriors 4 sided with the musouand now, One Piece Odyssey is ready to hit new waters.

One Piece Odyssey, it will be the next installment that takes the franchise to the more JRPG side of the series. bandai namco brings us this new title to commemorate the 25th anniversary of the series, which also features the participation of Eiichiro Oda himself, the author of the series. Odyssey is a game that not only Captain Monkey D. Luffy manages, but the entire crew of the Straw Hat Pirates with mechanics, although known but with new ideas.

A new world, a new odyssey

The plot of the game takes us to a day like any other, in which the crew of the ship Thousand Sunny, the Straw Hat Pirates, they are swept away by a sudden storm that makes them shipwreck and takes them to a mysterious island called Waford. On said island, they meet two new characters, the mysterious girl Lim who strips the group of all her abilities and her friend Adio who guides them on this new island, both created by the manga author Eiichiro Oda.

The signs for which the series is loved have been maintained, in fact, Eiichiro Oda not only created the new characters, but also created the story. This makes the game feel like just another story arc in Luffy’s adventures. At the beginning of each chapter, we will have a brief explanation of what has happened, as well as a brief summary at the end. There is room for surprises, in addition to knowing the secrets that Waford Island hides, we will also visit other locations known as the Kingdom of Alabasta, so we will not only limit ourselves to the happy island.

One Piece Odyssey Review

Each member of the group maintains their own personalities, and for this the voice actors of the anime series were sought, thus giving a touch of authenticity to the game. However, the game assumes that we are familiar with the series and has elements that new players will not know what they are talking about. But it’s still an enjoyable story as such.

To justify starting levels at zero, it’s a creative, if somewhat farfetched, way of making playable characters weak at the start of the game. In addition, certain elements are gradually explained, as it usually is in JRPGs.

Pure, hard and rubberized role

One Piece Odyssey Review

In the purest classic RPG style, One Piece Odyssey is a game in which we assume the role of any member of the Sunny’s crew. We can explore each zone in search of objects, information and hidden treasures. We will visit settlements such as towns or cities in which we will either advance the story, get secondary missions or talk to the locals.

We will visit dungeons and obstacles will arise along the way that will prevent our passage. However, each character possesses a useful ability such as Luffy’s flexibility that allows him to reach far away places like Spider-Man. Also, in the dungeons, we will have puzzles, although somewhat simple they give variety to the game. So far everything normal.

As for the battles, the gameplay unfolds like any other turn-based role-playing game. We assume control of the main characters, such as Nami, Robin, Zorro, Sanji, among others. We will have commands for each action like Attack, Items and Skills. Each character has their abilities and powers that we have seen throughout the series but here they look spectacular.

One Piece Odyssey Review

On the battlefield, only four of all team members will be available, being able to change those who are in reserve as we see fit. There is a system of Rock, Paper or Scissors in the configuration of the attacks, that is, Power, Speed ​​and Technique. In this system one attribute trumps the other, for example, Power trumps Speed, Speed ​​trumps Technique, and Technique trumps Power. As such, it is not that the attack stops working if we use a weak attribute against another, but that it is less effective. This forces the command bars to keep an eye on whether an attack will be effective or not.

The use of special abilities is done through a bar below the PS, which are consumed but recharged with each normal attack. Each member specializes in a different class: Luffy is the warrior character, Nami would be the magician, Franky the Tank character, Chopper the healer, Ussop the long distance expert.

Always legendary, always pirates

One Piece Odyssey Review

Although One Piece Odyssey feels very familiar from other RPGs, it has interesting elements and mechanics that make it stand out. One of the new additions is the system called Area Battle in which players can move through four areas within the fighting arena. This encourages the strategy in order to have better control within the battles, a character can be changed from one area to another in which their attacks are more effective.

Another mechanic is the dramatic scenes, scenes within the battles that are activated under certain conditions and randomly. These moments give enemies advantages and our members some disadvantage, so we must immediately take care of the situation. Overcoming these scenes as they indicate gives us experience bonuses.

One Piece Odyssey Review

Major Register They are summaries of events experienced throughout the anime series. Not only does it allow us to see past chapters, we can also participate in the adventure in our own flesh. It is emphasized that these adventures will not always be as we remember them since they have tougher enemies but whose rewards are worth it.

We also have the use of Olasic Cubes, which are memory fragments in which we can obtain juicy rewards. Also, by using accessories that we will find in the form of smaller cubes, you will improve our base statistics. These accessories fit into a system of grids that will get bigger with increasing levels.

Always legendary, always pirates

One Piece Odyssey Review

One Piece Odyssey has a very beautiful visual section. We will be able to witness very colorful and showy environments with a touch Cell Shading spectacular. It can be configured in Performance Mode to prioritize the frame rate and Graphics Mode that improves resolutions in 4K at 30fps. Both modes have their particularities, MR the rates are stable and no frame drops, while in MG you notice much more elements such as textures and parts of the scenery.

The soundtrack is composed by Motoi Sakuraba, who has previously worked on Dark Souls and the Tales of series. Certainly, the themes capture the essence of the series with mostly epic themes. The game comes with Japanese dubbing, with the same voices of the anime actors, a great detail from the developers.


One Piece Odyssey, as a JRPG it works very well. It has all the elements that lovers of the genre love in addition to those of the series of the same name. The story is handled as one more story arc of the series, which includes new characters and maintains the characteristic tone of One Piece. It may feel easy at first, but as we progress we will see that it is a game with a good degree of depth. Graphically it is a very beautiful game with a unique artistic touch.

Note: This review was made on the PS5 version and the code was provided thanks to Bandai Namco.