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Panamanian urban singer Akim assures that his only competition is himself

San Juan, Jun 9 (EFE).- Panamanian urban artist Akim, who is promoting this week in Puerto Rico his first album, “Haters y Fanático”, under Puerto Rican Farruko’s label, assures Efe that the only musical competition he has it is against itself. Eliazar Akim Brown, the performer’s first name, is part of the new breed of emerging artists of the Latin urban genre, who continue to increase daily in Latin America and whose fight is becoming more and more fierce to be among the most sought-after. Despite the large number of singers trying to show their carats with some style of their own, Akim, 30, said that his competition “is not the other artists” and that the usual collaborations between them demonstrate “the union of the urban genre.” “When I look in the mirror and listen to what I’m doing, past productions, I recognize that I have to keep working harder. That guy in front of me is my real competition,” he philosophized during the interview with Efe in San Juan. PROUD TO BE PART OF THE URBAN ROUND Akim is, along with Sech, one of the most recognized urban artists in Panama in this genre. Additionally, Panamanian reggae influences helped elaborate and develop the famous musical term reggaeton in Puerto Rico. “You have to give it to Puerto Rico for that work, for making it the most listened to genre and for Latin music to reach countries whose first language is not Spanish,” he stressed. “I like to be part of this and of the new history that is being written in my country. Now, hoping that things continue to happen and collecting prizes with my tricolor flag,” said Akim, born on July 5, 1991 in the Colon province in Panama. However, the singer of singles such as “Locos en el amor”, “Tú No Sabes del Amor” or “Te Gusta Hacela”, which have millions of views on YouTube, acknowledged that he can further enhance his music and be one of the most sought-after artists if it remains constant. THE KEY IS ENDURANCE “I think I can give more knowing my ability. I feel like that first day when I started a couple of years ago, with enthusiasm to do things well. This is not duration, but endurance,” he stressed. That resistance to which Akim refers also has its value and weight because of the support he has obtained from Farruko by signing him to his record label, Carbon Fiber Music, to release his first solo album on May 27. . On the album, Akim has collaborations with Farruko on “Luz” and “Paredes de Hielo”, the Puerto Ricans De La Ghetto, Ankhal and Kevvo on “Spicy”, Lyanno on “Facetime”, the Dominican Maffio on “Paragua”, and the Puerto Rican Dalex, the Colombian Beele and the Panamanian Boz in “Otra Baby”. “The Latin genre is very hard, making songs that are breaking in tik tok, which is extremely important for the career of an artist. We are collaborating with everyone, and the union of the urban genre is felt and let’s go forward, long live Latin America!” he stressed. LEVEL UP WITH CRITICISM About the album’s title, “Haters and Fans,” Akim admitted that he reads all the comments, both positive and negative, left for him by his Instagram followers. Regarding the negatives, Akim said that he respects them and discards blocking the follower, takes them and uses them “to level up” in his upcoming songs and music productions. “I don’t get carried away by good or bad comments, but I use the bad ones to climb from step to step,” he said. Jorge J. Muñiz Ortiz (c) Agencia EFE