One Piece Odyssey: Super dynamic gameplay and battles

We go into detail in the combat and progression system that will punctuate the adventures of Luffy and the straw hat crew, still scheduled for January 13. The launch of One Piece Odyssey It’s just around the corner, and it’s time to warm up and learn about all of the game’s major gameplay features, including the dynamic combat system used throughout the adventure.

A new promotional video released today gives us an in-depth look at the main systems implemented in the game and gives players all the necessary information on how they will be able to explore One Piece Odysseywith the mugiwaras.

One Piece Odyssey: Super dynamic gameplay and battles

From basic and easy-to-understand RPG controls, to the four different attack zones on battlespaces so multiple characters are active at the same time, to how to get battle experience bonuses that can dramatically increase character level based on player actions, this trailer unveils the unique system, which provides an immersive gameplay experience, with a One Piece-like twist.

The video does not bring us much new compared to what we already knew, but it has the merit of explaining certain features to us a little better, in particular on the combat system which will be based a lot on the positioning of our heroes, and on random challenges to be completed in the middle of battle, so that no fight is alike. The video also highlights the different abilities of the characters to move through cities or in dungeons.

As a reminder, One Piece Odyssey arrives on January 13 on PS5 and Xbox Series. The PC (Steam) version comes out 24 hours earlier, on January 12 next year. Several editions are planned for the game. If you want to discover it, you can pre-order it now on Amazon: