One Piece Odyssey takes us back to a cult manga location

The latest trailer for Bandai Namco’s game unveiled an excellent surprise, with the return of a mythical manga city.

A long gameplay video had already given a good overview of the qualities of the future RPG, involving Luffy and the Straw Hat crew on a mysterious island, a pretext to revisit cult moments from the manga and anime. The unfailing fidelity to Eiichiro Oda’s creation was already ensured by a realization in cel shading very appropriate and a very complete cast of characters and creatures. The latest news had also revealed the presence of the script arc around Alabastawith the city of the same name as the heroes of One Room will find in their adventures. But the nostalgic nods don’t stop there.

Usopp’s Tales

With its latest trailer, One Piece Odyssey reveals the presence of another equally important and symbolic arc for fans: that of Water Seven. During this one, in addition to the reluctant abandonment of their ship, the Vogue Merry, the crew will experience important moments. First with Usopp who wants to leave the little troop, the arrival of Franky and his gang, but also the discovery by Luffy of the secret organization CP9. Besides the pleasure for the fans to explore the beautiful city of Water Seven and its multiple channels, the trailer also reveals the use of very powerful special powers by the members of the crew.

Memories under the hat

If the adaptation of the original manga had already been announced as very free by the ILCA studio, the developer seems to have understood the major issue for the target audience. After Alabasta and Water Seven, what other story arcs might appear in One Piece Odyssey ? And what will be the trick devised by the studio to switch from one to the other? One thing is certain, more Odyssey is revealed, the more the chances of finally having a video game at the height of the work of Eiichi Oda become clearer. Luffy and his companions deserved it for a long time.