One Piece Odyssey tested in a graphic comparison between PS4, PS4 Pro and PS5

One Piece Odyssey is one of the great releases of this start of the year, a new and ambitious RPG based on such a popular manganime that promises to capture its iconic universe like never before in a video game. And thanks to the demo Now available of the title on consoles PlayStationthe channel specialized in graphics and video game performance comparisons ElAnalistaDeBits has put the title to the test in its different versions, that is, ps4, ps4 pro Y PS5. And the results could not be more enlightening.

One Piece Odyssey tested on PlayStation consoles

Thus, One Piece Odyssey offers quite similar performance and resolution in ps4 Y ps4 prowithout many differences, betting on the 1080p@30fps. For his part, PS5 It offers two graphic modes, an option that is becoming very common on Sony’s most powerful console -as well as on Xbox Series X|S-. Thus, the standard mode offers graphics 4K at a stable frame rate of 30fps; On the other hand, the so-called performance mode is committed to the 60fpsalthough in this case at the cost of lowering the resolution to 1080p.

Don’t miss our final impressions from One Piece Odyssey from less than a month ago, in which we concluded that “the opening bars of Odyssey present elements to take into account. The character modeling looks good and faithful, as well as their characterization and dialogue, and the cast of enemies is visually appealing. The world and the places we explore have seemed much simpler, quite empty at times. But it is the combat, the equipment system and the options of the characters that make us hope that we are facing a JRPG with scent of One Piece well resolved”.

One Piece Odyssey arrives at pc, ps4, PS5 Y Xbox Series X|S the next January 12, 2023.

Source | TheBitsAnalyst