One Piece Odyssey: the hilarious detail that fans are falling in love with but that turns out to be fake

To this day I still wonder how it is possible that no video game developer has been able to create an adventure that does justice to One Piece. Eiichiro Oda’s manganime is the definition of “adventure” at its best, and yet we still haven’t received a title that takes advantage of all this potential. One Piece World Seeker tried and failed, Will One Piece Odyssey make it?

I have not the remotest idea if the bet of ILCA Y bandai namco It will turn out fine, but what I have been able to notice through the trailers is that they are making him want to, and I like that. In the last video of the game confirmed the Alabasta region (one of my favorites), and later I came across a series of messages from fans celebrating the inclusion of a great reference to One Piece in the game. Unfortunately this was born from a hoax.

The big hoax about Zoro

  • The user BeerumenTV published a tweet (which ended up going viral) in which he indicated that when controlling Zoro in One Piece Odyssey, there would be no minimap on screen
  • This would direct reference to the ineptitude of the character when it comes to orientingsomething that happens often in manganime
  • Well, it turns out that this detail does not exist, or at least not at the moment there are no indications to believe otherwise, since if we look at the trailer that this user says It’s not that Zoro appears without a minimap, it’s that NONE of the characters present it❌❌
  • This is because the trailer completely hides the interface of the game, if we turn to previous trailers, a map appears next to Zoro

I would have loved for this detail to exist, but unfortunately it does not.. From here I would like to deny this hoax that has become quite widespread on the Internet, and despite the disappointment, I am still looking forward to the One Piece Odyssey release in January 2023.

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