One Piece: Odyssey the video game that all manga lovers are waiting for by 2023

The most famous comic by the writer Eiichirō Oda brings to light a new game where you can visit the best-known places of the manga

Like series and movies, at the beginning of a new year we can expect the arrival of new video game such as “One Piece: Odyssey”. This video game promises not to disappoint, with which you will be able to live the greatest adventures together with the well-known Straw Hat crew. It will be available from next January 12.

The main platforms you will be able to play on”One Piece: Odyssey” is through PS5, Xbox Series X | S and Computer. This happens to be a real gift for all those manga lovers, faithful followers of the writer Eiichirō Oda. A story in which you will be represented by the character of Luffy, with whom you will visit mythical places from the manga.

New One Piece game

The video game based on the famous Harry Potter school arrives in February 2023

In the same way, we will also have big surprises for the month of February, since the “Hogwarts Legacy” video game is put on sale. The platforms on which this game will be available will be PS5, Nintendo Switch, PC and Xbox Series X|S. Being thus commercialized from the next day February 10.

If you are a lover of the magical world of Harry Potter, is the perfect option for you. This game will base part of its plot on the story before the life of the famous Harry Potter, although it will have Hogwarts as its location. Here you will be able to create your own character, with whom you will have to go to class to learn magic, in the same way that you will be able to choose whether to use your powers well.

Skull and Bones the multiplayer game that will hit sale in March

In order not to stop the rhythm, we also bring surprises in the world of video games for the next month of March 2023. On these dates, we are going to enjoy “Skull and Bones”, which has been in development for years, thus being slowed down by the multitude of delays that have appeared in the way of its creation. It will finally be available for March 9.

In this case, the official platforms on which you can play this new video game will be PS5, nintendoswitch, Xbox Series X|S and Computer. Speaking in this way of a game that is based on a multiplayer format, located in an open world, where you will carry out an infinity of combats, both maritime and looting. Thus, it will be played in teams of 5 people.