One Piece Odyssey Trailer Details Battle System – Video Games

The official PlayStation YouTube channel uploaded a new trailer detailing the various systems and mechanics that will be in One Piece Odyssey. The trailer lasts more than ten minutes. It also includes a plot synopsis of One Piece Odyssey, a look at the game’s development history, and a summary of the general flow of the game.

The trailer looks specifically at how battles and adventures will work in One Piece Odyssey. It also shows the graphics and environments that will help players get lost in the world of One Piece. To make the game feel like an extension of the show, the developers focused on camerawork and the characters’ expressions in combat.

There is a turn-based combat system to better showcase the Straw Hat Pirates’ talents. In addition, a rock-paper-scissors mechanic is present with power, speed and technique. This will help you lay the foundation for strategies. The Scramble Area Battle system randomly places characters in the arena, and you have to incorporate everyone’s positions into your tactics. There are also “dramatic cutscenes” that act as mini-quests, which will grant a boost to post-battle rewards.

For the adventure part, you can freely switch between different characters to explore. As Usopp, you can use your slingshot to hit distant objects. Meanwhile, Chopper is small enough to fit in small spaces. You can use Zoro to open chests, Sanji can search for ingredients to cook, and Nami can find money on the ground. You can also use these field actions to solve dungeon puzzles.

Finally, you can fully customize the characters with accessories. Also, there are multiple options to make items or food with Usopp, Sanji or Robin. The number of accessories a character can equip will increase as you progress through the story.

One Piece Odyssey will be out on PS45, PS5, and Xbox Series X on January 12, 2023. The Windows PC version will be out on January 13, 2023.