One Piece Odyssey: When can we play the free demo?

Fans of Eiichiro Oda’s work have reason to rejoice: an RPG production around the world of pirates will soon be released on PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Xbox Series and PC (Steam). In One Piece Odyssey, players will be immersed in the adventures that marked the journey of Luffy and his crew. Bandai Namco’s production will allow One Piece fans to travel through Alabasta, Dressrosa or even Water Seven. A real Odyssey is coming, but then…

When will the free demo be available?

For those who are not yet convinced by the production previews, a demo will be available three days before the official release of One Piece Odyssey, next January 10 So. To access it, simply download the demo directly from your gaming platform: PlayStation or Xbox. Unfortunately for PC players, you will have to wait until the game is released because no demo is planned.

Regarding the details of this demo, we know that players who have tested One Piece Odyssey in advance will receive bonus items which can be used in the final version of the game. As for saving, progress in the demo will be retained and budding pirates will not have to start the game again on January 13th.

For those sure they want to dive into the adventures of Luffy on January 13, pre-orders are still available at Bandai Namco official website.

A unique adventure!

Stranded on a mysterious island, Luffy and his crew will have to dive back into their memories to recover all their powers. In turn-based battles, an affinity system will be available with elements such as fire, lightning or even ice. While the protagonists of One Piece rarely fight together in the animated series, this will also be the case in the video game Odyssey. Thereby, the characters can be distributed in different areas.

“During their journey, the Straw Hats, led by Monkey D. Luffy, are engulfed by a huge storm at sea. They end up on a mysterious island full of nature in the middle of the storm and are separated from each other. The crew embarks on an adventurous new journey filled with the wonders of a raging nature, powerful enemies, and bizarre encounters with the islanders. Work together with Luffy and his crew to get back to sea!”

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As the release of One Piece Odyssey is (very) fast approaching, all anime fans are eager to be able to discover this unpublished story, which will still be able to explore with new eyes those who have been illustrated in the series. In all cases, this demo will be a golden opportunity for players curious to discover this Bandai Namco production and why not… trigger a crush at the start of the year!