One Piece of Avengers MCU Merch is the ultimate insult to Ultron | Pretty Reel

The MCU has had some unusual spinoffs, but one released alongside Avengers: Age of Ultron would lead the villain to distraction.

In the MCU’s Avengers: Age of Ultron, the genocidal android takes a moment to criticize Captain America’s shield, decrying that the ultra-rare anti-metal Vibranium was used “to make a frisbee.” If that pissed off the villain, then a piece of merchandise for his own movie would infuriate him beyond belief.

Able to absorb and redistribute energy, Vibranium has unparalleled uses in advanced technology and is nearly indestructible. Wakanda has built its self-sustaining economy on metal, and it’s the material used in many of the Marvel Universe’s most unbeatable weapons. Sure, his powers make him incredibly effective as a shield in the movies, but it’s understandable why an AI obsessed with creating the perfect body would see the world’s rarest and most advanced material used to block bullets and be frustrated.

In 2015, Marvel released Avengers: Cutting Edge – a comic book that provided the backstory for its Avengers Gillette razor line, which was produced in connection with the release of Avengers: Age of Ultron. Each razor is based on one of the iconic Avengers, with designs paying homage to Thor, Captain America, Iron Man and Hulk. In the world of the comics, razors are built using high-level technology – Thor’s razor is tied to its owner’s DNA so no one else can lift it, Thor’s razor Hulk has stress-triggered sensors, and Captain America’s razor features an all-Vibranium shield canister.

Avengers Razors Have Powers In Marvel Canon

The comic book story sees Tony Stark explain that he’s experimenting with Avengers-grade technology for everyday consumers, but in Marvel lore, it’s hilarious that rare materials like Vibranium or an Arc Reactor miniature are used to create razors. Villains have committed elaborate heists for this technology, which even Ultron – who has conquered entire planets – covets for his personal use, and yet in Avengers: Cutting Edge, Tony decides to commit to getting the best shave possible. He’s even shown to be working on other designs, with Black Widow’s razor currently breaking the legs of anyone using it, and Hawkeye’s projectile razor proving a threat to anyone nearby.

Ultimately, Avengers: Cutting Edge remains an odd oddity that fans can look back on with affection, but given the nature of Marvel’s multiverse, the comics mean that in some reality – perhaps even the main universe of Marvel – Iron Man has dedicated Asgardian uru, Unstable Molecules and Vibranium to create a consumer product line. Strangely, any hero or villain who managed to appropriate the Gillette line of Avengers would walk away with some of the greatest technology and treasures the universe has to offer – loot worthy of Ultron, even if it would probably be driven feral. . by its existence.