One Piece offers new details about its new introduction. With I Don’t Like Mondays!

One Piece, as we announced a few days ago, it has become a legend. The animated series from Eiichiro Oda’s manga has passed a barrier that few fictions of the same caliber have achieved on television: passing the goal of 1,000 published episodes. An achievement that shows that the history of Monkey D. Luffy and his fellow pirates has no limits and that he can continue to expand to infinity, making it clear that the imagery of Oda is incomparable and that it is immeasurable.

After the success of that 1,000th episode, the series of One Piece has confirmed what will be the next topic of its introduction, or its opening if you want to see it this way. Fiction has had the same theme under its belt for more than sixty episodes, repeating itself in viewers’ heads over and over again. However, and taking into account the very special occasion that is being lived, now we will see a new “opening“for the episodes to come.

From the official One Piece Twitter, all the essential information about this important change has arrived:

I Don’t Like Mondays

The main theme will be called “Paint“and be played by the rock group I Don’t Like Mondays and debut for the first time next January 9 in fiction, so we will still have to wait a bit considering that we have not even passed the December barrier. Counting this, the series will have already had 24 introductory themes to date, this being indeed one of the most important now that the Onigashima War has kicked off and the Wano arc is all over the place. We can’t wait to see how this theme fits into the current phase of One Piece.