One Piece offers new information about the history of Shanks with Uta


One Piece has revealed new information regarding the story of Shanks and Uta, father and daughter.

Since the fifteenth film of the manga of Eiichiro Odatitled One Piece: Red, the excitement and expectation has not stopped growing among fans of the work. One of the reasons why this film is causing a lot of hype in the community, it’s because Shanks “The redhead”, will have great prominence.

But not only will this character be of great importance, but it has been revealed that he has a daughter and that he will appear in the film. her name is uta and has been introduced as a woman who has the voice capable of changing the world. And recently new information has surfaced regarding the father-daughter relationship. Next, we tell you all the details.

New information about the history of Shanks and Uta has been revealed

Much remains to be learned about the relationship between Shanks and Uta, father and daughter, as well as the reasons why both went their separate ways. However, new information about the history of both has recently been published.

Through the social network Twitter, the user @newworldartur has shared a promotional poster for the film One Piece: Redin which is shown a little information about Shanks and Uta’s relationship, since it is confirmed that they lived together during the girl’s first 9 years. But then, they had to part ways due to certain events, which are yet to be confirmed.

This publication has only increased the expectations and excitement of the community that is anxiously waiting for the film finally arrives in theaters. In addition, it is likely that, with this film, more information will be shown about the character of Shanks, which remains a mystery.

One Piece: Red will hit the theaters this summer 2022

One Piece Red will be released in the summer of this year

For now, it remains to wait for the film of One Piece: Red arrives at the cinema and it will do so sooner than expected, as it is scheduled to be broadcast in Japanese theaters this August 6, 2022.

However, fans in other regions will have to wait a bit longer for the film to be released. launches globally, which may take more or less time. But this could be the most anticipated film in the franchise, as it promises to address more about Shanks’ past and personality, which remains a mystery.

Although One Piece has over 1,000 chapters and even we have been shown a new transformation of Luffy, the Gear Fifth and more information about his true fruit has been revealed, nothing has been shown yet regarding Shanks, the Yonkou that stopped the Marineford War and that sacrificed an arm to save the life of little Luffy, later giving him his straw hat.

Will Uta be an ally or enemy of the protagonists? Will Shanks and Luffy finally meet again? Why did Shanks and Uta have to part ways? All these questions and more could be answered with the movie One Piece: Red.

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