One Piece offers the first details of its final war

The manga will have about three years left to reach its end.

One Piece is getting closer and closer to its end bowthereby giving rise to the fact that in just a few years, which is said soon, we will discover what One Piece is, the long-awaited treasure hidden by Gol D. Roger and that has been the most coveted wish not only of Luffy and his crew, but of practically almost all the pirates of the series.

Given this, it should be noted that after the Wano arc will take place the final war, this being something that has already been advanced by Eiichiro Oda, mangaka of One Piece, on several occasions, even going so far as to say that this war would make the one in Marineford nothing in comparison. And it is not for less, since, for now, we are seeing that several villains are uniting to defeat Luffy. However, beyond this, the first details are beginning to be known.

Everything indicates that the great confrontation will be during the night

One Piece is one of the best works in the world, given its interesting plot

One Piece is one of the best works in the world, given its interesting plot

In chapter 1056 it was revealed that Carrot would hold a political position, this being of great importance since everything indicates that All of Luffy’s allies will join in the final battle.being so that with Carrot directing the Minks, we can count on that there will be an alliance between them and the Straw Hats in their fight against the Navy and Blackbeard.

It is right here where new details about the plot around the final battlesince the presence of the Minks means that, for them to reach their maximum potential, the final battle should be on a full moon night, which implies that there is at least one month left (within the chronology) for this battle to take place. happen, since the battle against Kaido, which was very recent, was with the star in this position.

For the rest, it should be noted that although the final battle will be quite an event, we cannot rule out that the great moment of the series will be the fight between Luffy and Shanksof which we have already been able to know his powers and that would serve to demonstrate that Luffy is worthy of being the new King of the Pirates.