One Piece officially reveals the height of Luffy and other characters


Officially, the One Piece franchise has revealed the heights of Luffy’s crew.

The world of one piece is full of all kinds of characters of different races, with defined ideals and dreams that they want to fulfill. However, one trait that usually characterizes the characters is their height, as if you have read the manga, you will find that Luffy usually faces opponents who are taller than him.

There is a saying that the taller you are, the harder you fall. And Luffy has shown throughout the manga that not afraid to face giants or enemies that exceed their height. However, this characteristic among the members of the Straw Hat Pirates has always been a mystery. Fortunately, information has been revealed to us with the official height of these characters from the work of Eiichiro Oda.

What is the official height of Luffy’s crew?

The Jump Shop in Shibuya has a section dedicated to One Piece, where you can see the official height of some characters

Watching the manga, and even the anime, we can guess that Luffy’s crew have a fairly average heightbecause they are not so short or gigantic creatures like, for example, Kaido or Big Mom.

In the Jump Shop, located in Shibuya districtin Tokyo, there is a section focused especially on one pieceso we can find a kind of table that contains official information about the height of Luffy’s crew.

In this table we can find that Luffy he has a decent height of 174 cm. However, he is usually smaller than the enemies he faces, such as Doflamingo, Katakuri, Kaido, Crocodile, and more. Thus demonstrating that it is not about size, but about strength, convictions and will.

Luffy's crew has a pretty decent height in the world of One Piece

Luffy’s crew has a pretty decent height in the world of One Piece

Then we have Nami, the navigator of the crew. She is she is a little smaller than Luffy, well has a height of 170 cm. However, it is not a size at all short in realistic terms. We can also find information about Luffy, Zoro and Sanji’s Wings.

The Pirate Hunter, Zoro, has a height of 181 cmwhile Sanji is 1 cm shorter, with 180cm. But both characters are surpassed, at least in height, by Nico Robin, since this girl is 188 cm tall.

Then we find Usopp, who is a little taller than Luffy, with 176cm. However, these sizes fall short when compared to Franky and Brook, who are the tallest members of the group.

Franky is 240 cm tall, leaving the rest of the crew far behind. But we also have Brook, who is the tallest of all with 266cm. In fact, as a curious detail, you should know that Luffy barely reaches the middle of Brook, which serves to contrast the height of both characters.

This information comes from the Shibuya Jump Shopwhich belongs to the manga compendium of Weekly Shōnen Jumpwhich is published by Shueshia. And due to the success of the series, especially after its most recent arc in which Luffy has activated Gear Fifth, it was inevitable that he would have his own corner in this store.

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