One Piece on Netflix: filming of the first season of Live Action ends

Will it be Netflix’s first good live-action?

One of the main actors of the live-action One Piece has confirmed that Netflix has finished filming the first season through your social networks. This long-awaited adaptation with actors and actresses of Eiichiro Oda’s work has generated expectation among the fandom because its creator is fully involved in this production.

As we mentioned, it was Taz Skylar, the actor behind Sanji in the live-action One Piecepublished a post on his social networks saying goodbye after this arduous filming season, which has attracted the attention of his fans. In fact, most of the comments on his publication turned out to be positive, something unexpected for live-action adaptations of anime works.

The message he shared on his social networks said the following: “And so… I’m done 🥺. Thank you @onepiecenetflix for the opportunity to test me beyond what I thought possible. I was struggling A LOT with my mental health when I first entered this new chapter. I really didn’t know which side I was on or where I sat in the mix of all of this. But now I’m on the other side. I feel reborn as an adult. As someone who knows who he is, what he can do, and exactly where he’s going.

Afterward, he proceeded to thank the team involved in Netflix’s live-action One Piece: “Thank you @cinematic1 and @jjward12 for being the two best big brothers I could have asked for. Thank you @inakigo for always inspiring me to be a pure person. @petergadiot and @brashaad_mayweather for being my relentless adventure partners. @bookofjacob and @emilysteaparty for all the fun times. @stevemaeda for the support! #ChrisSymes and #Gabe for the espresso 😜😜 @sneakycho for the peer pressure 🤣❤️ @donovanlouie @matt_esof @jaren_phillips for giving me the gift of TaeKwonDo. @armando.deleca @stuartwillaction @brooctober @fletbedza @missnataliewalsh @nathanbarris @camerongroep @shaun_verth @re_on19 and the entire stunt team for welcoming me into their coveted family. @kels.hoffe for being my guardian angel. @kurtdevilliers for supporting me in my craziest endeavors. And the whole team that has been a dream group of A PLAYERS all along! See you next family! Peace out ❤️

One Piece Red will arrive in Mexico, Spain and Latin America

The TOEI Animation Latin America Twitter account shared the following message on social networks: “We are very excited to learn that today is the premiere of One Piece Film: Red in Japan. 🤩🎥 Wait for her very soon in Latin America!” With this message, new questions are opened about which countries in the region and in which languages ​​will this production arrive.

The One Piece Red anime film earned 1,497,100,970 yen (about 11.15 million US dollars) from Friday to Sunday and sold 1.03 million tickets during that weekend. The film had sold a total of 4.62 million tickets for a total of 6,474,302,810 yen (about US$48.24 million) by the end of Sunday, and had surpassed 5 million tickets for 7,000 million yen (about $52 million) at the end of Monday, its tenth day in theaters in Japan. It has become the best-selling and highest-earning film installment of the franchise in its entire history.both in terms of number of tickets sold and yen earned at the box office.

The film ranked first at the Japanese box office in its opening weekend.. In fact, it sold 1.58 million tickets and earned 2.254 billion yen (about 16.7 million US dollars) in its first two days. The film earned 78% more in its first two days than the previous One Piece Stampede film in its first three days.. Crunchyroll and TOEI Animation will screen the upcoming One Piece Film Red anime film in theaters in the United States, Canada, Australia, Latin America, Mexico, and New Zealand this fall. The projections will be available in Japanese audio with subtitles, a dubbing in Latin Spanish has not yet been confirmed.

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In One Piece: Red, we could take a closer look at the limits of the power of his Emperor’s Haki, as part of the story will be centered around him.