One Piece on Netflix: The showrunner of the Live Action series tries to reassure fans

news culture One Piece on Netflix: The showrunner of the Live Action series tries to reassure fans

Still slated for an undetermined date, Netflix’s Live Action adaptation of One Piece continues to draw closer while it’s currently in post-production. The risky bet in which the platform has embarked divides even before its release. The showrunner wanted to reassure the fans.

half fig, half devil fruit

For the moment, the Live Action adaptation of One Piece does not really have the wind in its sails. Announced in 2020 by Netflix, the series has not shown anything yet, or almostbut does not seem to convince fans of the number one manga. To say that the work of Eiichiro Oda is appreciated would be an understatement, so inevitably, when one tackles a giant of this magnitude, readers and spectators are wary. Especially when it’s Netflix that oversees the project and that the platform has not always won over with its adaptation work.

One Piece on Netflix: The showrunner of the Live Action series tries to reassure fans

We do not yet know what to land the Vogue Merry on our screens, but one thing is certain, the series is fast approaching after entering the post-production phase. Big challenge in perspective therefore for the streaming giant which will try to attract a new audience, while respecting the initial material in order to convince the fans of the first hour. Recently, the Youtuber Nux Taku had the chance to chat with Matt Owens, showrunner who takes care of the Mugiwara. The showrunner answered many questions and reassured fans.

Ode to Oda

Nux Taku and Matt Owens had plenty of time to chat about the Live Action One Piece series and touched on several key points. Aware of the enormous stakes that revolve around the project, Matt Owens wanted to reassure the fans and immediately defuse certain fears. First, a point one on possible romances. The showrunner shared his take on the matter and seems adamant that romance within the crew is a big no.

Nope ! (there will be no romance) That’s what I mean: feel the need to add things, to stick to what a series or a film should be. The Straw Hat Crew, if you call their relationship… they’re siblings. It’s a family. There is no romance between the crew members. (…) It would kill the characters.

A first point which should therefore satisfy a large number of fans who want to see a project stick to Oda’s initial vision. Matt Owens continues and asks viewers to take a good look at the details that will slip into the series. The program should indeed include many winks and Easter Eggs which refer to the adventures of Luffy and his crew. For Matt Owens, the Live Action series is full of love for the original work and will speak to fans, if they remain open-minded. The showrunner also refers to the famous “foreshadowing” of the mangaka, who developed his universe by sowing clues throughout his story.

I think if people stay open-minded, they’ll see the love(…) Pay f***** attention, because the Easters Eggs(…) pay attention to the posters, to the logs, even snippets of dialogue, pay attention. Take a break, take screenshots, it’s going to be really fun.

Whether or not we expect this project, one thing comes through after this exchange. Matt Owens seems to be a real enthusiast, who could manage to offer a series that is both faithful and original. Finally, One Piece Live Action, a good surprise in perspective?

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