One Piece on Netflix: these are some changes that the live-action adaptation will have

Its live-action They are a format of movies or series that are characterized by presenting stories that we previously knew in animated programs. Now Netflix is ​​joining that wave with its version of the popular anime, One Piece.

The new series, which will premiere in the coming months, It has fans impatient given the possible changes to the original story.

The series is being produced by Tomorrow Studios, who are the same production team behind Netflix’s now-canceled Cowboy Bebop adaptation. In addition, its showrunner is Steven Maeda, known for having participated in titles such as The X Files, Lost, Lie to Me, Helix and Day Break.

At the moment, what we have seen has been very little, however, it is enough to know the changes that this version of the series will necessarily have.

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One Piece changes in its Live-Action version

The production of the series has revealed the ships that take so much prominence in the manga and in the anime.

The going merryunlike the anime, it is shown to be much more angular than the original rounded design, the crossbones are not connected to the skull, and the straw hat is drawn to be slightly torn.

For its part, the Miss Love Duck, it has the fewest differences from the original version, but it has some important modifications. For example, Duck’s figurehead is pink instead of white in the anime, and he now has normal eyes instead of the heart-shaped eyes he had in the One Piece anime, he notes. alphabetgames.

Finally, the ship Baratie it is now decorated with gilded statues of mermaids and carvings of fish. The interior will be a large, two-story restaurant with vibrant red colors for the stairs and seating and a sea battle mural on the ceiling.

Nothing concrete is known about the course of history. Fans expect the first season to cover the East Blue saga at most.