One Piece on Netflix: they build a full-scale replica of Alvida’s ship to shoot the series

If Alvida appears, Koby cannot be missing in the first episodes of the series.

Every time we know more details of the new serie live-action de One Piece on Netflix, where the origins of the story created by Eiichiro Oda will be adapted. was presented on full casting who will play the Straw Hat gang and the first images of the live-action series were seen. So one could already guess full-scale replica of Alvida’s ship and new images take a closer look at this impressive construction.

A Reddit user has published a video where you can see the boat being building for filming. Although the sails are furled, the design of the figurehead can be appreciated. Is about a duck, confirming that it corresponds to Miss Love Duck, the ship of the pirates of alvida. Therefore, we can now get an idea of ​​the final design that this ship will have: shades of pink and candles with hearts. In addition, this gives a clue about the events that the Netflix series will tell, where it could not be missing the ruthless pirate.

Who is Alvida in One Piece?

Luffy faces Alvida.

One Piece fans keep a good memory of the first chapters. These focused especially on Monkey D. Luffy’s encounter with Alvida, a fearsome pirate who treats her crew horribly. Alvida is known as the Iron Mace, though she seems more inspired by the Queen of Hearts. That’s how One Piece presenta a Koby, who will be Luffy’s first true friend. This disclosure is important because the actor is not yet known who will play this character, but his presence seems to be confirmed.

The relationship between Koby y Luffy begins to be forged here, in addition to learning about Alvida’s alliance with Buggy Pirates. Therefore, they will be the first enemies to learn of Luffy’s abilities as he searches for members for your crew. Thanks to these images published on Reddit we can get an idea of ​​what the first chapters of the series will be like. serie de Netflix, which will have to use many special effects to simulate the powers of the devil fruit.

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