One Piece on Netflix: this is how the Spanish actor who plays Sanji in live-action trains

The Spanish actor Taz Skylar seems to have mastered the characteristic movements of this character.

The iconic One Piece anime has had a big success for a long time, since it has been in force for several years now, becoming one of the series most viewed and popular out there.

The success of this series is so great that the popular streaming network Netflix has been interested in this work and has decided to make a live action about her, recreating from the beginning of this adventure until reaching Logue Town.

Recently, the actor who will give life to Sanjithe Mugiwara’s cook, has posted some videos where he can be seen training for his role. Next, we tell you the details.

This is how the actor who will give life to Sanji in the live-action of One Piece prepares

Netflix is ​​already found working on the live-action of this iconic animeto have it ready as soon as possible, that is why its cast has put let’s do it to recreate the characters of this series to the perfection.

This live-action promises to be full of adventures, sticking to the original story that Eiichiro Oda has created. For this reason the entire cast of him has been preparing physically and mentally to carry out the interpretation of these characters of the most faithful way.

Recently, the actor Taz Skylar who will play Sanji Vinsmoke has posted a video of his routine daily exerciseswhere he is seen practicing to achieve the characteristic kicks and techniques of this character.

In this video you can see the actor, practicing a series of kickswhich, apparently, has managed to go dominating to such an extent that They resemble the attacks that Sanji makes.

The shooting of this series start in February 2022 and end last monthso it is expected that this premiere in 2023, since fans of this famous anime have great expectations about this production, since they want it to be as faithful as possible to the original work. However, these concerns can be appeased since Eiichiro Oda himself has a active participation in the projectso they can be a little calmer.

Who is Taz Skylar?

Taz Skylar, the Spanish actor who will play Sanji in the One Piece live action

Taz Skylar, the Spanish actor who will play Sanji in the One Piece live action

Taz Skylar is a spanish actorborn in the Canary Islands, his rise to fame was thanks to the feature film called Villain, which premiered in 2020. This young man has been selected to be part of the cast that will give life to the live-action of One Piece at the hands of Netflix.

It has recently been seen how this actor finds himself getting in shape and practicing the signature kicks and moves to perfectly interpret the famous Sanji Vinsmokeone of Monkey D. Luffy’s nakamas.

if you want to be aware of the movements of this actoryou can follow him on his account Instagram where he posts his day to day, in this way you can be informed and know a little more about Skylar.