One Piece: other characters from the manga join Netflix’s live action remake

New actors have joined the cast of the remake of One Piece in live action on Netflix, confirming in passing which arcs will be adapted in the new series.

If the remake of cowboy bebop broke its teeth after one season before being canceled in stride, Netflix still seems so confident for One Piecehis next live action remake series based on the cult eponymous work ofEiichiro Oda, who is also an executive producer. Even if the project is not very exciting on paper, the streaming giant seems to have put the means.

The series thus required the large-scale construction of pirate ships identical to those of the manga, starting with the Vogue Merry, which gives some hope to see a quality production not relying solely on excessive digital effects for faithfully transcribe the universe.

back in time

In November 2021, the first casting announcements fell: 18-year-old actor Inaki Godoy (Who killed Sarah?) was chosen to play Luffy; Mackenyu (Pacific Rim: Uprising) will play Zoro; Emily Rudd (Fear Street) will lend her face to Nami; Taz Skylar (War crime) will be the new Sanji, while Usopp will be played by Jacob Gibson (Greenleaf).

No synopsis has yet been unveiled, but given the longevity of the work – Luffy having not got his hands on the One Piece since he took off in 1997 (1999 for the anime) – the Netflix remake will adapt the first story arcs during which the crew of the Straw Hat is gradually formed. This is confirmed a little more by the recent additions to the cast communicated by Netflix.

One Piece: pictureKoby and Luffy

Morgan Davies (The Girlfriend Experience, Evil Dead Rise) will thus play the young and fearful Kobby, the first character that Luffy meets after going to sea. The pirate who holds him captive, Alvida, will be embodied by the still little known actress Ilia Isorelys Paulino (The Sex Lives of College Girls). For his part, Aidan Scott – also little known so far – will play Hermep, the one who wanted to have Zoro executed before Luffy came to his aid.

The actor Jeff Ward (Marvel: Agents of SHIELD) will slip into the skin of the eccentric Baggy the Clown, a former foam of the crew of Gold D. Roger first introduced as an antagonist. McKinley Belcher (ozark) will play Arlong, the Fishman who killed Nami’s adoptive mother before his eyes and took over her village. At last, Vincent Regan (300, Troy) will play Garp, a Navy vice admiral and grandfather Luffy. It only remains to find who will play Shanks or Nioko, if they are well planned in the program.