‘One Piece’ paused indefinitely after hacking Toei Animation: reruns will be broadcast instead of new anime episodes

The study Toei Animation revealed a few days ago that he had been the victim of a hack to his private servers. It has not yet been confirmed to what extent the attack affected them, but for now the broadcast of ‘One Piece’ and ‘Digimon: Ghost Game’, another of the studio’s series, have been paused until further notice.

Replenishments until the pace of production recovers

As revealed by the Japanese animation studio, on March 6 they suffered a hack to their servers that has affected several of their productions. Toei has confirmed that this intrusion would have deleted or corrupted files from several of the series they are working on right nowin addition to the fact that the company’s internal network would also have been blocked for a while.

The hack also affected Toei’s store, which was down for a while, and the company’s servers were offline for several days while the incident was investigated. The broadcast of some series such as ‘Dragon Quest: Dai’s adventure’ has been able to continue as if nothing, but nevertheless ‘OnePiece’ and the new anime of ‘Digimon’ yes they have been much more affected by this incident.

Both ‘One Piece’ and ‘Digimon: Ghost Game’ enter an indefinite hiatus with no release date in sight. Meanwhile, Toei Animation has confirmed that to fill the void on the grid from next March 20 will reissue several chapters of the Wano Arcwhich began in 2019. The next chapter of the series that played this Sunday was 1014, ‘Straw Hat Luffy: The man who will become the King of the Pirates’.

“We have announced a change in the content of the broadcast. We have decided to postpone the broadcast of episode 1014, which was scheduled to be broadcast this weekend. We apologize for the inconvenience to viewers. On Sunday, March 20, we will broadcast the ‘Special Episode: Barto’s Secret Room’ as part of a special selection of ‘One Piece’ Wano Arc,” the anime’s official account announced.

For its part, the first episode of ‘Digimon: Ghost Game’ will also be broadcast again on March 20 and will continue with a rerun of the entire series until there is further news. Both series are broadcast in simulcast on Crunchyroll, so logically there will be no new chapters on the platform until further notice.