“One Piece” premiered its 1,000th chapter

“One Piece” just reached your chapter number 1,000, a new milestone for one of the most successful series in Japanese animation achieved thanks “to talent” from the author of the original manga and to “team collaboration”, as the president of the study told Efe Toei.

The series, based on a homonymous manga by Eiichiro Oda, began airing in Japan on 1999 and since then it has become a worldwide phenomenon by being exported to 80 countries, in addition to being the longest-running production of Toei, according to the Japanese production company itself.

The secret to its longevity is “the talent of the original author” and “the support of all the companies involved and team collaboration”, says in an interview with Efe the president of Toei, Ryuji Kochi.

The unmistakable aesthetic conceived by Room, the richness of its multiple characters and the breadth of the fantastic world where it takes place are some of the keys behind the continued success of the manga and anime starring the pirate Monkey D. Luffy.

“Originality is important, but there are many other things that make it reach the heart as well”, points out Kochi when asked what makes him stand out “One Piece” among other works of the subgenre “shonen” and above other of the most remembered anime series.

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And it is that the adaptation of the manga of Room surpasses previous Toei productions in screen time that left their mark on different generations, such as “Mazinger Z”, “Transformers”, “Dragon Ball” o “Sailor Moon”.

“The most important thing is that the story of ‘One Piece’ has continued for 22 years … That is what makes the difference”, highlights Kochi.

Room was recognized by the Guinness record for being the createdr “the largest number of published copies of the same comic series and by a single author”, with a work that debuted in 1997 in the Japanese weekly Shukan Shonen Janpu and that continues to be published today.

From “One Piece” some have been distributed 490 million copies in near 60 countries, which also ranks it as the best-selling manga in history.

Toei commemorated the broadcast of the episode number 1,000 from “One Piece” on the 21st with events held throughout this month in different parts of Europe, including screenings in movie theaters of the 13 animated feature films based on the series.

The work of Room will also have an adaptation to a live action series, in which he is working Netflix with the Japanese “mangaka” as executive producer and that will star the Mexican actor Iñaki Godoy In the role of Monkey D. Luffy, as announced by the digital platform at the beginning of the month.