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with each new opening from One Piece new questions, assumptions, conjectures and even theories arise from the mouths of all his fans, and that is the case once again with Paint” the theme song performed by I Don’t Like Mondays that is heard with the new entrance theme of the anime.

Before continuing, it is prudent to mention that we will probably be pointing out topics with potential spoiler quality, so if you prefer to reserve the action for later episodes, we recommend you read the following list carefully or just enjoy “Paint”, el theme song for the 24th opening of One Piece.

Challenging the strongest

After 23 years since he began his quest to become the King of the Pirates, Luffy has reached the time to overcome the barrier represented by the strongest pirates of the Previous Generation, and this challenge begins with Kaido (aka “the strongest creature of the world”). As soon as the new entry theme begins we see the faces of the most powerful pirates of the Previous Generation, plus the introduction del misterioso Rocks D. Xebec.

Foto: Toei Animtation

painful memories

If you have already met Yamato, you surely know why several One Piece fans ask for “him” as an honorary member of the Straw Hat crew. Paint predicts that within the next episodes we will learn part of Yamato’s past, his relationship with Ace and the internal confrontation of this character to find his own destiny, although that “leads” him to confront his father and emperor of the sea, kaido.

Foto: Toei Animtation

New Age support

The Wano Country saga represents a turning point for the pirates of the old and new generation One Piece, that is why I could not miss the appearance of Eustass Kid and Trafalgar Law, being the pirate captains who have been most influenced by Luffy since their first meeting in the Shabaody Archipelago… once as enemies, but now as “generational companions” who share the same ambition to rise to the top in the great Age of Pirates

Foto: Toei Animtation

What other references did you like within the opening 24 of One Piece?


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