One Piece prepares an incredible special episode

The One Piece anime is preparing an amazing special episode. The saga paves the way to an unforgettable celebration.

one piece has been working on the narrative arc of wano for more than a year ago. However, the anime still has a long way to go before it’s all over. After all, the manga is still walking through that historical territory. It doesn’t look like our dear straw hats are going to leave the island in the short term. Obviously, the fans are delighted as the first day with all this history that we are living. However, the animated franchise prepared something very big. A report has appeared on the Internet that talks about a special episode.

Reports that have appeared in WSJ Manga they talk about what one piece is preparing an amazing special episode. If what they’re saying online is true, the anime plans to air an original episode next month. But, you may be wondering, why? What is the reason for this celebration? Apparently, we should thank Yamato and Ace. Reports from WSJ Manga suggest that the special episode will focus on this couple and the history between them.

The fans are going to go completely crazy with this episode

At this point, fans of one piece know little or nothing about this original/special episode of the anime. Of course, nobody is going to reject the proposal. A chapter is a chapter, after all. And it is quite an opportunity to meet again with Ace. The character remains a legend among the fandom and the loss of him during the arc of Marineford has not yet been overcome. When the manga confirmed that Ace had a history with Wano in the past, fans went wild. And that was just a few flashbacks. Now they are going to give us more of Ace, so… Long live one piecedammit!