One Piece presents Luffy’s final attack with which the Wano arc will close


One Piece chapter 1048 has featured Luffy’s final attack with which he plans to beat Kaido. Will it be enough to achieve it?

The Wano Country arc nears its conclusion as the battle between Luffy and Kaido intensifies. both pirates have used their most powerful techniques and they’ve held the balance in their favor for a while, but due to exhaustion and damage taken, they’re at a point where anyone could win.

Evidently, if Kaido is not defeated, then the inhabitants of Wano they will not be able to regain their freedom. But all lovers of the work of Eiichiro Oda we know that Luffy does not give up on anything, so he will not let the hopes of these people die, so he will fight, giving his all until the end.

And it is possible that everything ends in the next chapter of the manga of one piece, as both contenders have used their ultimate attacks. Whoever manages to hit it will be the winner. Next, we will tell you more details, but we anticipate that this post contains spoilers for chapter 1048 from One Piece.

Luffy Vs Kaido: who will win the fight for the future of Wano?

Luffy has used his most powerful attack in hopes of defeating Kaido.

As we recently mentioned, Wano’s arc is about to endsince Luffy and Kaido have given everything for the victory. Chapter 1048 from the One Piece manga ended with both characters using their ultimate attacks to win the duel.

Luffy has faced Kaido several times, but was defeated. However, he does not give up, so he trained and learned new techniques during his time in Udon Prison in order to steal the victory Captain of the Beast Pirates. In this way he developed the Armor Haki upgrade to hurt Kaido and pierce through his strong skin.

At the end of One Piece chapter 1048Luffy in his Gear Fifth form and thanks to the power of his awakened fruit, he has used his most powerful attack, which is the “Bajrang Gun”. To do this, he has combined several of his abilities, such as the Gear Third, Gear Fourth and Advanced Armor Haki. On the other hand, Kaido has also unleashed the most destructive blow from him, the “Raising Dragon Blazing Bagua”.

In the next chapter we will know which of these warriors will be left standing and will be declared the winner of the match.

The assault on Onigashima is about to come to an end

The Mugiwara lead the siege of Onigashima to liberate Wano Country

The Mugiwara lead the siege of Onigashima to liberate Wano Country

While it is true that Luffy and Kaido’s battle has stolen all the attention, this is not the only thing that has happened during the invasion of Onigashimabecause both the rest of the Straw Hat Pirateslike the crew of Kid and Law, as well as the samurai and other allies have been in charge of overcome all defenses that he had Yonko on the island.

The Wano arc has been emotionally charged, especially the longing for freedom that the inhabitants of the country have and all these allies trying to break with their slavery. At the moment, it only remains to wait to know what the conclusion of this will be, which has been the longest arc in the franchise.

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