One Piece: quick explanation of what Haki is and the different types that exist

One of the basic pillars of shonen action manganimes resides in their combats and their power systems. All the greats of the genre have one: Dragon Ball Z the Ki, Bleach the Reiatsu, Naruto the Chakra, Hunter x Hunter the Nen, etc. In One Piece an energy called Haki is used.which is only available to the strongest and has certain variants.

A priori it may seem like a complex system, but the truth is that it is really simple and easy to understand. There are a total of three basic types of Haki, and in case any user gets confused with the names or the different ways in which they can be applied in battle, I am here to dispel any doubts. let’s go with one direct explanation to the point of what this power is and its different uses in fights.

What is Haki?

Rayleigh is the one who trained Luffy so that he could master Haki.
  • The Haki it’s kind of strength or energy that exists in all creatures living creatures of the One Piece universe
  • Most people live and die without being aware that Haki is there.since realizing it is not within the reach of everyone
  • In order to be able to capture this energy and make use of it, one must go through a hard trainingas was the case with Luffy
  • By using this “spiritual force” it is possible subdue opponents in many ways

What types of Haki are there?

kenbunshoku haki

one piece
Katakuri using Observation Haki
  • The observation haki
  • The user can use this ability as a kind of “Sixth Sense” that provides them with a lot of information about what is happening around them✅
  • In this way it is possible anticipate all kinds of attacks and, if it is developed in excess, you can get to unlock the ability to “see the future” (as demonstrated by Katakuri)❗❗

busoshoku haki

one piece
  • This is based on use spiritual energy as a kind of armor that protects while increasing the attack power of a user❗❗
  • Thanks to this ability it is possible deal physical blows to those who have logia-type devil fruitsas is the case of Smoker, Crocodile or Enel✅

haoshoku haki

one piece
Clash between two Conqueror Haki users
  • Conqueror’s Haki
  • Only one person in a million can use this power innately, it is about a very rare type of haki
  • What makes this ability so special is that allows bending the will of other beingswhether people or animals✅
  • Shanks scared off a Sea King with a mere menacing look, and Luffy made 50,000 fishmen faint under the power of his conqueror’s haki❗❗
  • A curious fact about haoshoku haki is that when two users who possess it collide between them, appear a series of black and red lightning very showy

What is the Ryou that appeared in Wano?

one piece
  • In the Wano arc we were introduced to the concept of Are youa type of haki that some inhabitants of that country use and that grants enormous strength⭐
  • At first it might seem like a fourth type of haki, however it is an “evolution of Busoshoku haki” (the one in armor)❗❗❗
  • This power is based on generate energy inside your body and project it out as if it were an expansive wave, which allows to cause internal injuries to enemies✅

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