One Piece Quiz: Can You Get This Tricky Quiz Right?

The tests of one piece they are usually quite easy. That is why I have tried to make a trivia a little more complicated. I didn’t want to be the baddest person in the world either, but I did want to make a game that is a challenge for the intelligence of the participants.

Along the 10 questions you will face a challenge that only the smartest fans of One Piece can overcome. Will you get all 10 hits? I read you in the comments.

One Piece quiz

Warning! After the test are the explanations to some questions which may be questionable. Don’t read on until complete the exam. in the questions no spoilers of the most recent One Piece, but in the explanation of the answers yes, specifically in question 6. Continue at your own risk.

Explanation of answers

Stop there! Do not continue reading to cheat on the test. Now I am going to proceed to explain the false answers so that you know what the truth is. A test and you also learn, what more could you ask for.

  • Question 1: The distance between Fish-Man Island and Mary Geoise is 20,000 meters. Since the Gyojin are 10,000 meters under the mas and the Tenryubitos 10,000 meters above the sky.
  • Question 3: There are Mythological Zoans (or mythical, like Marco’s) and Special Paramecias (as Katakuri mentions of his Mochi Mochi Fruit) but there are no Legendary Lodges (at least for now).
  • Question 4: That’s right, but how Kishimoto stepped forward he had to change his name.
  • Question 6: Spoiler for the latest manga! Aramaki owns the Forest Lodge.
  • Question 8: Indeed, Toko’s adoptive father he only smiled to integrate and make others feel good.

So far the test, I hope you had fun and I hope to read your result in the comments. Until next time!

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