One Piece quiz: only a true fan will know how to find the pirates of Kaido’s crew by their name

The Hundred Beasts Pirates: the name alone sends shivers down your spine. Kaido’s crew is full of super-powered pirates. But do you remember them all? Only a true fan of One Piece will know how to find the members of Kaido’s Hundred Beasts Pirates thanks to their name!


Who is Speed?

Speed, the half-horse half-human woman! Thanks to O-Tama’s Devil Fruit, she becomes the little girl’s ally!

Who is Who’s-Who?

Who’s-Who and his red helmet and his cigarette in his mouth, he’s the Manager of the Neko Café!

Who is Jack?

Jack the mammoth or “Jack the Drought”, impossible to have forgotten this one.

Who is Babanuki?

Babanuki and his big elephant is the director of the Prisoners’ Mine in the Udon region!

Who is Sasaki?

Sasaki, also called Sasaki the Overflowing, is one of the “Tobiroppo”, the six most powerful Headliners of the Beasts Pirates.

Who is Ultimate?

Ulti is also a Tobiroppo! Even if she is in the opposing camp, she makes us laugh.

Who is Bao Huang?

Bao Huang, Kaido’s messenger who has eyes everywhere!

Who is Hold’em?

You must remember him with his lion belt!

Who is Hawkins?

Basile Hawkins, also known to be from the worst generation, is the one who sees the future with the cards!

Who is Black Maria?

Black Maria is the great Geisha, manager of the pleasure district!

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