One Piece reaches its final Saga but fans are not prepared

One Piece has been published for 25 years and the end is drawing near. A moment that we knew was coming but for which we are not prepared.

In 1997, few could have imagined that a young man named Luffy who had the dream of becoming the King of the pirates, would really become the protagonist of one of the longest-running, best-selling and most beloved manga in history. But everything has an end and the fans of one piece they are having a hard time accepting that the last Saga begins.

Eiichiro Oda has revealed that he will take a break and then return with his batteries fully charged to begin his journey towards the end of one piece. Luckily, each saga lasts a long time.

Fan reactions:

  • My brain is mentally blocking with the thought of One Piece entering its final saga, I just can’t imagine my life without new chapters.
  • I’m just overwhelmed by this because I’m so sad that my favorite series of all time is coming to an end, but I’m also incredibly happy and lucky to be able to witness Oda accomplish what he set out to accomplish 25 years ago.
  • Damn, we really are in the final saga of One Piece now, I don’t know what I’ll do when it’s over.
  • One Piece will end in 5 years. It sounds so real now I’m scared.
  • When I’m done, there’s nothing left for me in the anime/manga.
  • Trying to calm down by telling myself that the yonko saga lasted 7 years, but still…

Though Eiichiro Oda I finished with one piecewe will always have one anime / sleeve spectacular that has made us go through shocking moments such as the death of White beard either ace. So we will have to check that Saga is added to East Blue, Alabasta, Sky Island, Skypiea, Water Seven and Enies Lobby, Thriller Bark, Nightmare Island, Marineford War, Fish-Man Island Saga, The Island of the Men-Fish, The Pirate Alliance and Dressrosa and the penultimate and current, the Saga of the Four Emperors.

Also, Netflix he’s going to do his own live-action version, so hopefully it lives up to the source material.