One Piece: record launch for volume 100, where to find the collector’s edition?

The hundredth volume of One Piece is here, and it’s a record launch for Glénat. However, the collector’s edition may become as coveted as the pirate treasure.

250,000 is the number of copies of the hundredth volume of One Piece which went on sale this morning in France. A record draw for Glénat, since in addition to being the first series to reach the hundredth bound volume in France, the cult series imagined by Eiichiro Oda also offered a launch worthy of the Prix Goncourt, explains the manga editorial manager of Glénat Benoît Huot.

Amandine Jonniaux / JDG

It must be said that since East Blue and Alabasta, Luffy D Monkey and his crew have come a long way. Since 1997 in Japan (and 2000 in France), the saga fascinates the fans, and multiplies the records. In 2015, the straw hat pirate took down the World Guinness Record from best-selling unique series in the world. Six years later, the craze has not run out of steam, since more than 490 million copies have been sold worldwide since the debut of One Piece, all countries and volumes combined. In France alone, volume 1 has exceeded one million copies This year.

Where to find the collector’s tome?

To celebrate the release of the hundredth volume of the series in France, Glénat has seen the big picture, with a classic edition, priced at € 6.95, and a collector’s variation, all in gilding and imitation leather. Enough to make an impact on your shelves, and complete the collector’s trio initiated by volume 98. However, this edition risks becoming as coveted as the one piece itself. Already out of stock at most resellers, the book can now be found exclusively on resale platforms, where it is sold out at a high price, sometimes over € 100.

Tome 100 One Piece collector
© Glénat

After years of plying the seas of the Pirate Kingdom, the journey of the Sunny and its occupants will soon come to an end. With its 100 bound volumes, 14 feature films, 1000 animated episodes and soon a live action series on Netflix, Luffy should also be entitled to a new epic video game on consoles in a few months. While waiting for its final arc, the saga still promises to reserve us some surprises.

Commander One Piece #100