One Piece: Red and Steve Aoki will be present at Anime Expo in Los Angeles

Now that the big anime conventions and expos are back, the time has come for Anime Expo also have your big time, and it’s just this year that the convention is looking to go all out with its events, as after two years online, the Los Angeles convention has announced several of its main panels, and it turns out that one of the dearest will be present.

That’s how it is, one piece joins in on the fun this year and the best part, is that his new movie is scheduled to be released this fall as well, as well as the popular DJ Steve Aokiwho has been hired to help promote the film in Anime Expo and give you a good atmosphere.

This comes as a result of the update that comes from the Toei Animationsince the study behind One Piece: Red announced the party and according to the study, Aoki will be presented live in an exclusive show for those attending the convention, in addition, this event will have as its theme the new film by one pieceand that is why Toei Animation hired the award-winning DJ to increase the notoriety of Luffy inside the expo; to which he DJ Steve Aoki shared during a new statement:

“I have been a huge fan of Toei Animation for as long as I can remember. One Piece holds a special place in my heart because I have always been impressed by Luffy’s resilience and determination. His cheerful and carefree attitude in the face of adversity inspired me greatly. many ways”.

“Having this opportunity to join forces with Toei Animation to commemorate their upcoming ‘One Piece Film Red’ is an immense honor. Not only will I be performing during Anime Expo, but my brand Dim Mak will also be launching a commercial collaboration at the same time.”concluded Aoki.

Furthermore, beyond his concert, Aoki will also bring some special products to Anime Expo that attendees might be interested in, such as the clothing brand of DJ Dim Mak who is collaborating with one piece in a special collection, as well as pieces from the line will be available early to guests at Anime Expo this July, so the attending fans will have to prepare their bags.