One Piece: Red Confirms Important Theory About Devil Fruits

manga series, one piecehas had some of the biggest theories since its inception, but one of the most important theories about devil fruits could be confirmed in the successful movie One Piece Film: REDall this thanks to the powers of its main character, Uta.

You see, since the Devil Fruit used by Uta, stores not only the memories but also the creations of one of its previous users, proving that Devil Fruits are vehicles that transmit a person’s will and powers, then , as the devil fruits are one of the most important and recognizable features of One Piece, so much so that they even appear from the first chapter.

If you haven’t watched the One Piece: Red movie, continue reading at your own risk…

The fact that its origins and operation remain a mystery is part of the ability of Eiichiro Odaas a narrator within the sleeveespecially since recently, the author has started to drop more hints about the secrets of the Devil Fruits, considering that One Piece is slowly but surely heading towards its end, so the biggest hint is that the Devil Fruits Devil Fruits could be connected to the “lineage factor”, which is the name the series gives to DNA.

The Devil Fruit powers displayed by Uta in One Piece Film: RED easily confirm the theory that the Devil Fruit stores the will, and perhaps even more, of previous users. So when Uta ate the devil fruit Uta Uta no Miwhich allows the user to transport the consciousnesses and souls of the people who hear them sing, including their own, into a virtual space known as Uta World.

In this world, the user is essentially omnipotent and can manipulate reality in any way they want, which is quite an impressive power even by Devil Fruit standards, but, there is a hidden danger within Uta World, which is Tot Musica, a “demon lord” created by a previous user and later sealed, who can also manifest in the real world.

The fact that all music it was created and sealed by a previous user of Uta Uta no Mi, but it still exists and can be unleashed by Uta, which means that Devil Fruits have the ability to “store” the memories, will, and even actions of previous users, so Uta’s powers confirm how devil fruits really work.

So it is clear that the Devil Fruits are much more than a simple tool to gain powers in One Piece, and although their origins and operation are deeply connected with the history of the world and with the many mysteries that Eiichiro Oda has scattered clues throughout the series, so Uta’s devil fruit powers are not only a key part of the One Piece Film: RED storyline, but also prove that the most popular devil fruit theories are really true.