One Piece: Red could be the long-awaited reunion between Luffy and Shanks

Every day the date of the premiere of the anime film is closer one pieceso everything is getting ready for its big launch, and One Piece: Redwhich will be released just this summer in Japan, and will arrive shortly after in these lands, the 6th Augustand this leaves open a great unknown for the fans of the franchise: will this film be the first meeting between Luffy Y Shank after all these years?

There are many other questions about this long-awaited film, since its first official trailer has revealed little to us, but what is confirmed is that the Shank will be presenting in some kind of prominent capacity, and this goes hand in hand with presenting her daughter, so it makes it more possible for Luffy intersects with Shankbut does not confirm it.

You see, the movies one piecehave typically not been part of the main series canon, despite having original stories from the series creator Eiichiro Odabut, what has been seen in the past are sneak peeks at major reveals coming much later in the series, and about the recent chapters of the manga building up to the end of the arc of Wano Countryand with Ode previously causing Shank will begin to make his move on history, it is more and more likely that we may have our long-awaited reunion between Luffy Y Shank in One Piece: Redbefore his officer in the manga.

For example, we could mention that in One Piece: Stampedeprovided us with the first real canonical spelling of the final island, laugh talebefore it was confirmed for the manga a bit later, so in One Piece: Redprobably won’t have an impact on the franchise as a whole, but there’s still a good chance we’ll see Luffy Y Shank intersect at least significantly.

What makes things even more interesting is the fact that Jinbei has been confirmed as a member of the team Straw hat for the film, and since he doesn’t join the team until the third act of the arc of Wano Countrythis movie can be played some more.

now about Shank has been given an updated design for the film and thus implies that we will see Shank current in the events of the movie, but we don’t know how involved he will actually be in the current events of One Piece: Redeven though his trailer triggers a flashback with him and his daughter, and shows how Luffy will cross paths with her on her journey, so everything is in the cards for a full Shanks appearance and even a reunion with Luffy.