One Piece RED: date, character … 5 things to know about the next film

It was announced a few weeks ago, and fans are already looking forward to it. The film One Piece : RED is in all the minds of fans of the license of Eiichiro Oda. Between excitement, suspense and impatience, we searched for the 5 most important things to know about the feature film while waiting for its next release.

A lot of information has recently circulated regarding the upcoming film One Piece, both true and false. We therefore went in search of well-founded information, and from a reliable source, concerning One Piece : RED.

A release date for One Piece: RED

For several weeks, the film was announced for “August 2022”, without further details. But recently an official twitter account for One Piece : RED was created, and announced a specific release date in Japanese theaters: August 6, 2022! For a date in France, you will need to know how to be patient. But we can already assume that the film will arrive in French theaters by the end of 2022!

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A well-known design chara

On December 19 on the twitter account of One Piece : RED, a trailer showing the outfits that the mugiwaras will be wearing in the feature film aired. We then discover the Straw Hat crew in unique outfits. Find on twitter le thread showing the draft outfits of each mugiwara in detail!

A mysterious main character

One Piece : RED seemed well on course to revolve around a still very mysterious character namely Shanks. “Red” in English can mean “red” and would therefore refer to Shanks Le Roux, especially since the film’s logo shows a scar similar to that of Yonko. But the new announcements of the staff and Eiichiro Oda on Twitter have sown great doubt among fans of One Piece. Indeed, on the official poster of the feature film, we see a woman appearing to scream. Who is she ?


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But the most striking is undoubtedly the press release qu’oda relayed for Christmas on Twitter. In it, he thanks his fans for their support and loyalty. But above all, he refers to One Piece: RED by writing:

“RED! Who is this woman ? Shanks remains a mysterious figure. But what is his relationship with this woman? Will he see Luffy again? This is the first time Shanks is going to appear in a movie like this, right? He is back ! “

So it could well be that the main character is actually this mysterious woman and her still unknown relationship with Shanks. The Emperor should appear in the film, however, even if he is not the main protagonist. Will the mugiwaras see Le Roux again?


Eiichiro Oda –twitter @Eiichiro_Staff

A canon scenario validated by Oda

License One Piece now has 14 films, all of which are specials (i.e. they are not directly part of the main plot.). But it would seem that for One Piece : RED, things are different. In fact, the next feature film should be a canon film, that is to say a film inherent in the main story of One Piece. It would therefore not be a special issue. Simple rumor or reality? We’re not sure yet.


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Un trailer digne de One Piece

Finally, it is important to remember that we were entitled to an official trailer for this next film. It is certainly short, but worthy of One Piece in the suspense that he is able to create. We see musical notes and bits of sheet music, as well as this still unknown woman. The latter seems to have a headset on her head equipped with a microphone. Would she be a music star? How does she relate to Shanks? We won’t know right away. One thing is certain, One Piece : RED is without a doubt one of the most anticipated events of 2022 by fans. For his part, Oda said to find the scenario “wonderful”. So, hypé?

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