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By sydney

– Posted on 07 Apr 2022 at 09:43

The One Piece RED movie has been revealed a little more for a few days, with the revelation of several of the oufits that the Mugiwara will wear in this long-awaited film, whose star should be Shanks. Discover the first 5 of these costumes today!

The year 2022 should be rich in several events in the One Piece saga. We have already seen it, it was the year when the form of Joy Boy was finally revealed to us, with the awakening of Luffy’s Hito Hito no mi model Nika. But the series does not stop there, since this year we will also be entitled to a new film, scheduled for August 6 : One Piece Red. A production which should have as its central point one of the favorite characters of the public, namely Shanks le Roux. And to gradually raise the hype around this new film, the team at the controls has been teasing us for a few days the costumes of all the members of the Straw Hat crew. Discover below the first five of them already revealed to the fans!

Luffy, the old-fashioned pirate mode

As we can see, here it’s a very Pirate of the Caribbean costume that is reserved for Luffy, with a black coat – in leather for the little modern touch – and a snapping tricorn, all accompanied by a pommel sword at the belt which would be very Gold D Roger if he hadn’t kept his usual cropped trousers!

Zoro, the aristocratic vibe

Zoro is dressed very old school, with an old regime style tie. He too is entitled to a black outfit that reminds us of the shades of leather, but unlike the other members of his crew, he keeps his three iconic sabers on his belt!

Nami panics the web!

If there is one that has been talked about among the members of the crew, it is Nami with her ultra sexy outfit. The thief is even more scantily clad than usual, with the addition of fishnet stockings and garter belts that risk driving Sanji and Brooks totally crazy!

Usop, the stylish

The sniper and handyman of the Usopp crew is surely the one who is entitled to the most modern style, even slightly futuristic with his small glasses, his bracelets on his left arm and the leather boots with zippers.

Sanji, the playboy

And finally, the last on the list for now is Sanji, with an eternal BG costume. But the teaser image here is especially interesting in that it seems to give us the name of the mysterious heroine, who goes by the name “Uta”. Which is fitting with the images of this girl holding a microphone, “Uta” meaning song in Japanese!

More pictures to come

As we can see, the Mugiwara are revealed to us according to an order which respects that of their integration into the crew. We should thus be entitled to Chopper today, then Robin, Francky, Brooks and finally Jinbei. With new revelations on the menu?