One Piece Red: Discover the costumes of the last 5 Mugiwara! – melty

By sydney

– Posted on 12 Apr 2022 at 13:35

The teasing of the next One Piece Red film, scheduled for this summer at the cinema, continues for the past few days. We have just discovered on Twitter the new Mugiwara costumes.

The teasing continues on the side of the movie One Piece Red, in which we all hope to see Redhead Shanks play the guest-star. But if the Yonkou makes many fans fantasize, for the moment, the team in charge of the film tells us more about the 10 members of the Straw Hats crew, whose costumes are revealed bit by bit on Twitter . Last week, we introduced you to the outfits of the first 5 Mugiwara. Today, discover the following 5!

Chopper, the eternal kawaii

The mascot of the Mugiwara crew is even more so with this costume where he is decked out in clothes that are too big, whether it is the huge hat topped with glasses or the saber that he must slung over his shoulder. Which gives a very cute final rendering, specific to the reindeer-doctor!

Robin, finally a pirate!

Robin surely has one of the most mismatched costumes in the film. Not because it would be more whimsical, but because he finally gives her a pirate style, quite far from her usual look of an intellectual tourist with a plunging neckline. We note the waders that make you think – for the older ones – of Saint Seiya!

Franky, the Bane style

Franky gives him a very punk side with the crest and the spiked bracelets. But overall, you can’t help but think of Batman villain Bane when you see muscle-clad Franky in a gas mask baring the entire lower part of the shipbuilder’s face.

Brook, the ghost class

Brook is surely one of the few to register few changes in terms of its design, the ghost of Brook being already usually well dressed, with his usual black costume. Here he finds himself in clothes of the same kind, if not the leather look of the coat, and a haircut going from afro to a star style.

Jinbei, the muscle sir style

Finally, the last of the Mugiwara Jinbei is also entitled to black leather clothing, which will surely be the dominant style of the film. With the coat thrown straight over his shoulders, the fish-man definitely looks like a bouncer!