One Piece Red gives more details about Uta, the daughter of Shanks


It seems that we will know the daughter of Shanks from her childhood.

In addition to the new characters, the official twitter account One Piece Red has been regularly releasing new art for the new outfits to be worn by the Straw Hat crew members. Keeping with the music-focused theme of the new film, Luffy and company’s new outfits feature a mix of classic punk rock style with traditional pirate gear. However, the most surprising so far has been Uta, the daughter of Shanks

The new image was revealed by the series’ official Twitter account and offers a look at a young Uta, the new girlwho was recently revealed to be the estranged daughter of Shanks, the powerful pirate captain who gave Luffy the straw hat he always wears and inspired the young hero to take on the life of a pirate.

This younger version of the character was previously glimpsed in a trailer for the upcoming One Piece Film: Red, which opens in Japan on August 6. This information leads us to understand that, probably, let’s know this girl since she is a girl until his teens.

In the movie, Luffy and the rest of the Straw Hat Pirates crew travel to a new island to attend a famous music festival. That is where they will meet Uta, a singer who will be part of that festival and will play a key role in events of the movie. We hope to know the date of its premiere in Latin America and Europe soon.

One Piece Red will show us Uta, the daughter of Shanks, and her past

The production of the film is being supervised by the original creator of the manga, Eiichiro Oda, which has given a certain degree of confidence to his fans. According to Oda, the film was inspired by his desire to add a new female character to the cast of the series, since, in his own words, he is “tired of drawing old legendary grandparents”. So his presence may have an important narrative weight and may even become canonical in the main story.

The script for the new film is being written by Tsutomu Kuroiwa, who previously wrote One Piece Film: Gold, a favorite of the anime community. The new movie is being directed by Goro Taniguchi, known for his work on Code Geass. The voice cast of the anime series will reprise their roles for the film.

Besides, Shanks will also appear in the upcoming One Piece series. of Netflix live-action, which is currently filming in Cape Town, South Africa. Actor Peter Gadoit, who played Cyrus on ABC’s Once Upon A Time in Wonderland, will play the influential captain. While official images of the costumed cast have yet to be revealed, some leaked set photos have surfaced that appear to show a first look at the show’s ships, including Shanks’ flagship and the Straw Hat’s beloved original sailing ship, the Going. Merry.

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