One Piece: Red had the most epic presentation you can imagine

It will soon arrive in Mexico, Spain and Latin America!

One Piece Red will be released soon in Western markets after its local success, from the United States to Mexico, Latin America and Spain, so its promotions are reaching ways that we rarely see. This time we see how it covers all of Time Square, the most famous square in New York with the image of Moinkey D. Luffy and companydemonstrating once again the great power that this franchise has.

As we can see below, the English voice actress behind Luffy recorded the great exposure the film had for all to see. Colleen Clinkenbeard joined others at New York Comic Con to celebrate the imminent debut of One Piece: Red. Part of those celebrations included the taking over of the entire Times Squareand the event brought the entire Straw Hat team to New York City.

For those who don’t know, One Piece: Red is coming to the west in no time. The film is scheduled to hit the big screen on November 4 in some countries such as the United States. The film will be released in theaters subtitled and dubbed for those with a preference for their local language. And of course, you can read the synopsis of the movie below to know all the details:

“Uta, the most beloved singer in the world. Her voice, with which she sings while hiding her true identity, has been described as ‘otherworldly’. She will appear in public for the first time in a live concert. As the place is filled with all kinds of Uta fans: excited pirates, the Navy watching closely, and the Straw Hats led by Luffy who just came to enjoy his sound performance, the voice that everyone has been waiting for is about to The story begins with the shocking fact that she is the “daughter of Shanks”, Uta stands on the stage, with the ordinary desire to “Make the world happy with my music”. In Elegia, the island of music, Luffy and Uta meet for the first time since they last saw each other 12 years ago in Foosha Village..

The big revelations of One Piece: Red

The new film in the franchise promises to solve some of Shanks’ big mysteries, according to the latest One Piece movie, the bounty for shanks capture was around $1,000,400,000 from bellies when he met Luffy in the East Bluewhen he was still a child. After all, when he met Uta, the captain was worth so much. If anything, his bounty may have been greater when Luffy began his journey as a pirate, so the Red Haired Pirates have been in the crosshairs of the world government for a long time.

Of course, Shanks has racked up even more bounties, as he’s worth nearly 4.1 billion bellies to the Marines.. Shanks has the highest active bounty of any character in the series, but it’s not the largest ever given. That title goes to Gol D. Roger, as he was wanted for over 5.5 billion bells. These days, Luffy is doing well on his own with a bounty of 3 billion bellies. And as part of the Four Emperors, One Piece fans can assume that the Straw Hat captain will only increase that number in the future.

The official account of Toei Animation Latin America confirmed that One Piece Film Red will soon arrive in theaters in Mexico and Latin America.although no further details have been given in this regard, we can expect it to have a treatment similar to that of other productions such as Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero, which will be released almost simultaneously in the Americas.

The fifteenth film in the franchise was released on August 6, 2022 in theaters in Japan with quite respectable success. In fact, It has become one of the highest grossing films in the Asian country. Therefore, we can expect it to have a release soon enough in the region to maintain these gains.