One Piece Red: Luffy’s crew will grow with this very special character

Since its announcement, the animated feature film One Piece: Red talk a lot about him. And the announcement of this new character is likely to cause a lot of ink to flow.

A provisional member?

As the manga has just reached a major turning point in recent chapters, fans of One Piece can’t wait for the movie to come out One Piece: Redscheduled for release in Japan on August 6, 2022. It must be said that since its announcement, we know that the film will be centered on one of the most popular characters of the manga: the emperor Shanks Le Roux.

A few weeks ago, we discovered, with the first trailer for the feature film, Shanks’ daughter. And it seems that One Piece: Red intends to surprise us with other characters, including a new member of the Straw Hat crew, a bit special: the Thousand Sunny.

Introduced in volume 45, after the events of Enies Lobby, the Thousand Sunny is the ship of the Straw Hat crew, which succeeded the Vogue Merry. In One Piece: Redthe boat will take on a humanoid form. It is not yet known by what prodigy the ship was transformed in this way, the first visuals of this transformation of the Sunny have been shared on social networks.

One Piece Red Luffys crew will grow with this very

We notice that its head takes the shape of the sun from the bow, the Sunny looks like a small tanuki. He also has a name: Sunny-kun. If the end of volume 44 taught us that boats could have feelings, however this is the first time a boat has transformed into a humanoid form. It should be noted however that the strange transformations are legion in the manga.

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While the Straw Hat’s crew is meant to have ten members, fans can legitimately wonder if Sunny-kun will be the tenth mugiwara until the end of the manga. Nevertheless, it’s a safe bet that Sunny-kun will become the Thousand Sunny again at the end of the feature film, in order to allow the crew to continue to sail the seas. As for the official tenth crew member, other characters introduced in the manga seem more legitimate, such as Yamato, Kaido’s daughter.

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