One Piece RED: new movie trailer about Luffy’s relationship with Uta, Shanks’s daughter

We have a new trailer for One Piece RED, the next film of the manga, which threatens to raise blisters fooling around with the possibility of being canon and therefore necessary within the story. For example, the protagonist of the film, a pop diva known as Uta who turns out to be… Shank’s daughter! In fact, this new trailer proves that Luffy and her have known each other for a long time.showing several images with both when they were little.

The trailer, revealed during a presentation on the film for the YouTube channel, has been accompanied by a first look at what it will look like on the tape the entire shanks crew. Will Oda be able to keep the reunion between Luffy and Shanks for this moment? We trust the mangaka, but it would not be the first time we see a similar trick, because we all remember what happened between Naruto and Hinata in some adaptation…

When does One Piece RED premiere?

One Piece RED will premiere in Japan next August 6, 2022 and it is expected that it will reach the rest of the world in the following months. This is what its synopsis says:

“The Straw Hats, the Navy and fans from all over the world gather to enjoy the voice of Uta, the great star of the Elegy Island Music Festival. However, what was going to be a normal concert changes completely when Luffy reveals that Uta is actually the daughter of Shanks“.

Uta is not the only surprise of One Piece RED, in which we will also see the corporeal form of the Thousand Sunny, the current mugiwara ship, which you can see on these lines. In addition, the event has come to confirm that there will be a special volume of the manga dedicated to the film, which is going to cause even more stir than the fact that Eiichiro Oda has confirmed that the final arc of the work starts in July. What a way to celebrate One Piece 25th Anniversary! We say goodbye with the final poster of the tape:

One Piece RED poster