One Piece: Red Poster Reveals Brook’s New Look

the next movie of one pieceis almost ready to bring us a little more of this great anime, and just this weekend, their social networks were more active than usual, because despite the fact that the film will be released in August, they have done that all eyes will turn to them when they show off their characters’ new looks.

Since, just as Luffy has changed his style, his other companions will also have gala outfits, after all, One Piece: Red has given a well-deserved taste of what we can see on the screen, which has fans with very high expectations and a lot of desire to enjoy his film, and that is how, like a few hours ago, a new poster shows what it will look like Brook in Net.

This image was shared by the official twitter account of the moviewhere fans got a juicy sneak peek at yet another punk-rock outfit from One Piece: Redand it suits Brook as well as we all expected, as he not only sports a wilder hairstyle, but a look with a lot of personality.

This new costume full of leather BrookAs the skeletal pirate, where the character wears a spiked leather jacket, plus full zipper details, and is complete with a purple turtleneck, with black pants and a cool rebel skirt on top of them, our beloved and bony hero, he wears an open coat over his pants.

Let’s highlight above all her hair, because Brookthe pirate is used to keeping his afro loose and natural, but now, the hero has styled his tight locks for the ultimate mohawk, a look softened by the polka dot skirt, and Brook she completes her accessories with light pink gloves.

This pirate has decided on an eclectic appearance, but it is as hardcore as the other costumes in the film, since all the members have taken out their best outfits with chains and spikes, to arrive like the greats at the cinema, which would be a shame , is the great rumor that circulates, that the film could be delayed until the fall, we hope it is not real.