One Piece Red: release date in Spain, the United States, the United Kingdom and other countries

“One Piece Film: RED” announced its release date in theaters in Spain and in the rest of the peninsula, which will be on November 4, 2022.

However, it should be noted that in some countries they will see the premiere in advance, as well as others will see it late.

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These are all the countries in which “One Piece Film: RED” will be released and the confirmed dates for its arrival in theaters.

  • Paris (Premiere) | 6th August.
  • Japan | 6th August.
  • Algeria | August 10.
  • France | August 10.
  • Morocco | August 10.
  • Tunisia | August 10.
  • Taiwan | August 19.
  • Singapore | September 2.
  • Chinese | August 25th.
  • Thailand | August 25th.
  • Malaysia | September 22.
  • Premiere in Berlin | October 11th.
  • Germany | October 13.
  • Austrian | October 13.
  • Spain (with Catalan version) | November 4th
  • Australia | End of 2022. Date to be confirmed.
  • Canada | End of 2022. Date to be confirmed.
  • United States | End of 2022. Date to be confirmed.
  • Italy | End of 2022. Date to be confirmed.
  • India | End of 2022. Date to be confirmed.
  • Ireland | End of 2022. Date to be confirmed.
  • New Zealand | End of 2022. Date to be confirmed.
  • United Kingdom | End of 2022. Date to be confirmed.
  • Romania | End of 2022. Date to be confirmed.

On the other hand, it should be noted that this film will be released on the streaming service Crunchyroll at the end of the autumn in Spain, more or less when the 23rd anniversary of the One Piece saga.

What is “One Piece Film: RED” about?

The synopsis from the new One Piece movie describes the following:

“The Straw Hats, the Navy and millions of fans from all over the world gather at the Isla Elegía music festival to enjoy the voice of Uta, the great international star. But what was going to be a normal concert soon turns into something completely different when Luffy discovers that Uta is actually Shanks’ daughter.

In the same line, “One Piece Film: RED” Will Focus On Shanks’ Mysterious Pastnow with his own daughter, and the creator of the manga himself, Eiichiro Odahas referred to the situation by pointing out the following:

“If Uta is Shanks’s daughter, why isn’t she with her father? What kind of life has she had? Perhaps it is time to discover several truths about the so-called Great Pirate Akagami no Shanks”said.

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Is Oda setting us up to make Shanks the final villain of One Piece? Will the mangaka be able to have left the reunion with Shanks to show it on the big screen?

We will have to take a little patience to discover the secrets of Shanks, who is currently revolutionized in the manga, and kill time until then with the final saga of the series.

Source: FreeGameTips