One Piece: Red reveals its villain The Siver Times

By The Worm Brush

– Posted on 21 Apr 2022 at 10:26

Scheduled for August 6, 2022 in Japan, the film One Piece: Red is revealed more and more. In the latest trailer, we discovered Uta, Shanks’ daughter, who should be at the center of the film. More recently, the film’s official Twitter account revealed the film’s villain.

The franchise’s next feature One Piece is expected on August 6 in Japan, and the closer the release date gets, the more fans of the series are eager to discover it. And this for many reasons. Not only One Piece: Red should obviously focus on Shanks Le Roux, but he should also introduce new characters. This is particularly the case of Uta, Shanks’ daughterwhich appeared in the trailer released about ten days ago.

Since the beginning of the communication of One Piece: Red, several posters featuring the character designs have been unveiled on social media and the internet, further exciting Mugiwaras fans. And it was in this poster suite that very recently, the official Twitter account for the movie posted the poster for a new character named Gordon. Several rumors agree that this new character is expected to be a major antagonist in the new film.

Who is Gordon, the new character of One Piece: Red?

For now, Gordon’s role is particularly mysterious. However, we can see him in the trailer at 22 seconds and this one doesn’t look the most thrilled. However, as the movie’s release date gets closer, we should learn more about Gordon’s role, as well as Uta’s. For the moment, no international or French release date has been announced. But given the enthusiasm of the fans, it would not be surprising if the film was released quickly abroad, at least hopefully. Moreover, One Piece: Red could also be the film that will finally bring together Shanks Le Roux and Luffysomething to further excite the fans.