One Piece: Red Shares Incredible Luffy Sketch for the Movie – Senpai

Another of the great premieres around anime for this year is that of the film One Piece: Reda story that will delve into the life of Shanks, however, familiar faces like that of beloved Luffy will also be present in the feature film.

At the end of last year Toei Animation surprised fans of the world created by Eiichiro Oda with the news of a new film from one piece that this time will not focus directly on the Straw Hats, but on the red-haired pirate who is as important as the captain of the Thousand Sunny himself.

It is known that Shanks will be accompanied by a new female character; however, Luffy and his friends will also have their respective roles in this project. In fact they had already been revealed the designs for the whole crewbut now it comes a sketch of the protagonist of everything one piece done in pure pencil, belonging to the story board original of the film.

A Well Drawn Luffy | Photo: Toei Animation

Like Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero, One Piece: Red is in your road show or advertising campaign since the film will be released this coming August 6 in Japan. Although possibly all the bombardment of posters and trailers will come out once the Goku movie is released, because Toei will not want to lose the hype that he has achieved so far with Superhero.

And among some curious details regarding the new film by one pieceyou should know that there were two special requests from Eiichiro Oda himself for the making of this film; the first was to call a director who was not involved in the franchise, and the second was to give an important role to a female character.

What did you think of this sketch of Luffy for the movie One Piece: Red?


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